Written by Serins and TD

If you cut me
Do I not bleed?
Gushing from me this vital need!

If you hit me
Do I not fall to the ground?
Staring up, emotionally bound?

Shake me
Break me
Take me
Hate me
Rape me

Unleash on me torrential rain
Make me feel your crushing pain
Blame me for your every bane

Cast your bile and make me stumble
Crush my walls and watch them crumble
Foist on me the fears you fumble

Blame me
Shame me
Maim me
Defame me
Rename me

Your eyes dance in sick pleasure
Watching me suffer is your innermost treasure
I am but a puppet on your tortured string

Notice how there is only lust in your sight
Manipulation makes me pathetic in this fight
Suspicious, controlling of every move I make
So you can just

Until I break

Let me be free
It is either fight or flee
I can’t live this way
My heart has suffered enough this day

Burned and charred, my soul has been whipped
Poisonous venom for my lips to sip
Death would be release to this contrived grip

Use me
Confuse me
Abuse me
Reduce me
Bruise me

You’ve shattered every piece of me
Faults laid bare for all to see
Both play part in this tragedy

O’er and o’er this circle it spins
Tighter and tighter, the end begins
Lost amid chaotic winds

Grill me
Drill me
Thrill me
Chill me
Kill me

I watch my blood flow over my wounded flesh
Soul crushing pain forever fresh.
I take the poison to my mouth
Never to suffer is my final oath.

I sigh,
I try
I die
I fly

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9 Comments on Bleed

  1. Thank you, as always for writing with me….. um, I think our inbox is now empty…. πŸ™‚ will need to come up with something new soon. πŸ˜‰


  2. Reblogged this on TD421 and commented:

    As a reminder, this blog will be shut down at the end of the week. If you still wish to receive my ramblings, poetry, and general incoherentness, hop on over to the new place and click the follow button!


  3. Drastic stuff there, guys!


  4. Great one πŸ™‚


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