There are a handful of authors whose work I utterly adore. I know no matter what they write I will love it. Some of those authors include Harlan Coben, Steve Berry, Timothy Zahn, Michael Chrichton (RIP), Michael Stackpole, Aaron Allston, and Michael Connelly.

There is another author, however, whom you may have never heard of whose every word I greedily consume like a kid eats Choco Pebbles. That author is Helena Hann-Basquiat.

Helena, and her alter-ego Jessica B. Bell, write stories more addictive than coffee, and you all know how much I love my coffeh. While Helena’s writing is more lighthearted and humorous, Jessica’s is dark and twisted. No matter which author you read, the stories are captivating, well-written, and uniquely creative.

Halloween is Jessica’s Christmas, and Jessica has some haunting events planned for the week before Halloween. I highly encourage you all to head over to Helena’s place and click the follow button so you can partake in the madness.

Also, check out her writing while you’re there. I have no doubt you’ll be as impressed as I am with her prose.