I am mostly back to the person I was before I stupidly decided to take myself of my meds.
Moments with C:

  • He no longer wants to be “a circus.” He wants to be a cowboy.
  • While playing Lego Star Wars the other day he was using force-lightning to fry Obi-Wan Kenobi repeatedly…and laughing hysterically.

I have made some progress in my writing this week.
I discovered a program called yWriter5 this week while stalking a fellow blogger’s blog. My gawd does it make it easier to keep everything managed while writing a story. I was trying to do it all in Google Docs and managing okay, but using yWriter5 is infinitely more productive.
The response I received to my Coming Out post was overwhelmingly positive. Huge thanks to all of you who have been supporting me.
Coffee. Always coffee. I’d probably be dead without it. Or at least that’s how I’d feel…
PhotoFunia-4182af3 (1)
I wrote the check for my last bankruptcy payment last Friday. Thank gawd that shit is over with.
Still have not consumed a drop of alcohol since September 12. At this point I’m going for a record. Or something. It’s been a LONG time since I went this long without a drink.
Autumn. I can’t be thankful for Autumn enough. The chilly air. The colored leaves. Football. Hoodies. Chileh. Note to self: Get over to Starbucks and get a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I was unaware PSL’s were only for white girls. I’m not sure what this makes me since I love them.

The rain held off last night so that I, C, and my mom could watch the twins play football. They got trounced again, but they’re having fun and that’s what matters.