I don’t like that, so you can’t have it…

Breaking Bad, from what I hear, is a pretty good show. I have never seen it. I don’t watch TV. Based on a quick Google search, it appears the premise of the show is about a man who has inoperable cancer, and turns to a life of crime to amass wealth to sustain his family after he’s gone. Primarily, the man makes and sells meth.

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There are many, many things out there I deem inappropriate for my children. This show sounds like one of them. But like any successful, well, anything, there is merchandise to go along with Breaking Bad because you know you have to squeeze every possible dime out of something so popular. (Spaceballs the Flamethrower!)

Toys-R-Us carries carried a line of Breaking Bad toys. The toys came with drug paraphernalia, of course, because that’s the entire premise of the show. One mother in Denver, Colorado made a call (correctly, in my opinion) that these toys weren’t appropriate for her children. But she didn’t stop short of not buying those toys for her children, you see. She went one step further and created a petition to have Toys-R-Us remove the line of toys from their stores.

This sort of thing happens all the time and it’s getting out of hand. I agree that these toys aren’t right for children. You know who else does? Toys-R-Us. The toys were located in the adult action figure area. (Yes, grown ups have toys, too. I have a buttload of Star Wars toys displayed on a wall in my living room. I know you’re all shocked by that revelation.) The packaging on these toys also warn that the toys are meant for ages 15 and older. It’s not like these toys are being marketed to children.

I get it, Overzealous Mom, you don’t want your children to have toy drugs. I’m with you. But do you really need to start making a fuss about these toys and deprive others of their ability to buy these toys? Why can’t you just be content with, you know, not buying those toys and avoiding the adult action figure section at Toys-R-Us? Who are you to decide what’s best for others? Who are you to demand that no one else be able to buy these toys? Who died and made you queen?

Sadly, Toys-R-Us caved and pulled the toys from their stores.

Look, we all have our likes and dislikes. We all have our opinions on what’s appropriate (or not) for our children. What we don’t have is the right to decide what’s right for other people and/or their children. Yet everyday I see people petitioning to have products removed from stores. Or programs taken off the air. Or advertisers pull their ads from a show or magazine. As far as I’m concerned, this is a form of censorship. This is “I don’t like it so no one should be allowed to have it.” It’s childish.

Here’s an idea: How about you raise your children the way you see fit and I’ll raise mine the way I see fit. So long as there’s no abuse or neglect going on, we’ll mind our own business about the way we’re raising our children. If you think a toy is inappropriate for your child, don’t buy it! If you think a TV show is inappropriate for your child, don’t let them watch it! If you think a song is inappropriate for you child, don’t let them listen to it! It’s that easy! Furthermore, it’s your job as a parent!

Sound like a plan? Good.


Do you think it’s your duty to tell other people what things are inappropriate for their children? Do you think this mother went too far? Do you think Toys-R-Us should not have caved?

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26 Comments on I don’t like that, so you can’t have it…

  1. Breaking Bad was one of the best written shows in the history of television, in my opinion. Lots of layers there, so much more than the Walter White gets cancer and become a meth producer and seller. That said, the show is inappropriate for children, as would be any show-related marketing paraphernalia. Toys-R-Us, for all intents and purposes, is a franchise that is primarily associated with children (notwithstanding their adult toy section). I just realized adult toys sounds like a wall of dildos and sex dolls. I digress.

    I’m not sure where I stand on this one, I guess. I see your point about censorship, but then I also see that Toys-R-Us should probably be doing a better job at define itself, its brand, and its target audience. Maybe the adult-toy section should be spun out in a whole separate store/brand?


    • Well, that’s just the thing. They market toys, not just children’s toys. They sell M-rated video games, too, but I don’t see any petitions about that.

      The toys had the appropriate warnings on them so that parents would know that they aren’t intended for children. That’s all you can really ask.

      And, yes, adult toy sections DOES sound like it’s full of dildoes and lubes.


  2. I think it would be cool if Toys R Us actually did sell adult toys. I’d buy the biggest dildo on the shelf for the busybody from Denver, and then tell her to shove it in the other hole…

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  3. She obviously hasn’t seen Breaking Bad or she would understand it’s about the lengths a man will go to in order to take care of his family and what happens when his narcissistic personality is finally let loose. It does not glorify meth or drug use in any way, in fact, quite the opposite. Everyone gets what’s coming to them in the end. I found it fascinating, but then I loved Dexter, too 🙂

    Also, for a brief moment there I thought there might be a reason to visit a T-R-U store, just to see what might be in the “adult” section, but now I’m disappointed…

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  4. So help me understand, we’re not okay with Toys’R’Us selling toy versions of drug paraphernalia, but totally okay with Toys’R’Us selling murder paraphernalia (a.k.a. toy guns)?

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  5. Couldn’t agree more. I hate how “activists” feel that the world just needs to comply with their thoughts and beliefs.

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  6. I agree with you 100% Scott. It is parent’s job to control what their child has access to – not what everyone else has access to.


  7. As always well put!

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  8. I concur (like a doctor – we are still doing that aren’t we?) with all that you have just said.

    It’s up to parents to monitor what their kids do. Not what other people’s kids do unless it endangers the kid or those around them.

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  9. I believe, in some cases, these people petition to have these products removed from stores because they don’t want to appear to be the parent who won’t let their child have something they want. They believe if their child doesn’t see it in the store, they won’t ask for it, then the parents won’t have to say no. God forbid they should deny their children something! So they believe it’s their job to police the stores for everyone rather than say no to their own child!


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