The Ups and Downs of Parenthood

I sat in my warm, yet comfortable chair, sipping my morning brew and mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed. While I waited for the caffeine to do its stuff, I heard the familiar creak of weight on the staircase.

I rose from my chair and padded over to the bottom of the staircase where I found C halfway down the flight, shielding his eyes from the offensive living room lights.

sleeping C

“Hi, baby!” I said, genuinely enthusiastic to see him. Ever since my mother moved in with me I don’t normally see C in the mornings I have him because I let him sleep so that my mom can sleep in. That he woke up before I left was good for me so I could get some love before I left. It was bad for her, though, because that meant she wouldn’t be able to sleep in.

C puckered up like he wanted a kiss. Awwwwwwwwww. I picked him up to receive his love and instead I got, “I just want to watch Donald Duck.”


Whether he wanted it or not he got my love. I clutched him to my chest and squeezed him firmly before yielding to his demands of Donald Duck cartoons. I put him on the couch and grabbed a blanket for him. His highness was not impressed.

“No, not that blanket. I want that blanket,” he snapped, pointing to two other blankets on the corner of the couch.


“Do you want the red blanket or the blue blanket?” I would have referred to him as Highness, but he’s not yet old enough to understand that jab.

“Um,” he hummed while considering which blanket he would prefer. This was a tough decision, evidently. Finally, his royal mind had decided. “The blue blanket.”

I grabbed the blue blanket and spread it over his little body. I then told him I needed to go to work.

“But you need to stay here!” he whined.


“I’m sorry, baby, but I can’t. Grandma will be down here in a minute. She will sit with you.”


I stifled a laugh at his disappointment. He loves his grandmother without a doubt, but it’s feels good to know he’s going to miss me when I leave.

I finished my morning routine, and now I’m here at work – writing this post instead of watching Donald Duck cartoons with my son. Life really blows sometimes.

While toiling away (bwahahaha) at work Wednesday, I received an email from the twins’ mother.

B has detention tonight due to four tardies. He says dropping him off at 7:35 doesn’t give him enough time to get to his locker and then to first block by 7:40.

Oy vey.

Five minutes should be plenty of time to get to your locker and then to class. When I was in high school you had less time than that in between classes to get to your locker and to your next class. Furthermore, even if he’s correct…WHY THE HELL DIDN’T HE TELL ME AFTER THE FIRST TARDY?

The twin’s total lack of communication drives me insane sometimes. All he had to do was tell me and I could have started dropping him off sooner. Four tardies is enough to get you into the truancy program in Kentucky. A has had a problem with tardies in the past and I can assure you they take it seriously. I have gotten “official” letters from truancy officers because of this in the past and I have warned them both that if I get arrested because of their failure to get to class on time there WILL be hell to pay.

When questioned why he didn’t tell me he needed more time to get to class in the morning, B had this to say: “Ummm….I don’t know.”

Brilliant. Simply brilliant.




What dichotomies do you face as a parent? Do you want to hug and strangle your child(ren) at the same time?

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26 Comments on The Ups and Downs of Parenthood

  1. C and my girl a cut from the same cloth…. 🙂


  2. Ah yes. I got crapped on by my kid this week for no longer being able to produce a brother for him. Like I would anyway, but that’s besides the point. As you know, I’ve had a few crap days and one night we were doing a puzzle together and I was being a bit of a pill with him. I apologized the next day and he said “oh mummy, that’s okay”, and came over and gave me a hug and a kiss.

    So yeah, I usually go from one to the other response on a regular basis.

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  3. You certainly have your hands full with those boys!!


  4. It DOES suck to be at work writing blog posts instead of being home with little ones who still like to cuddle..although that’s just a memory for me. I guess I get a LITTLE cuddle time with the 16 year old, but not often.

    And if it makes you feel any better, I get told stuff at the last minute or too late ALL THE TIME. I got a text last Friday that said…I need a check for 115.00 TODAY or I can’t go to the JSA event.

    Really? And you knew about this how long?

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  5. I thought dichotomy was only a flavor of popcorn. I am thankful everyday that I find my kids cute because I am not sure I could tolerate their shenanigans if they weren’t 😉


  6. Waterston did always have his finger on the pulse.

    I had lost you. Just reupping. I thought you’d been quiet for much too long and found I hadn’t clicked that little box…


  7. Kids love to make you feel guilty for working instead of spending time with them…even if that time is sitting there while they watch TV and completely ignoring you.


  8. Too many dichotomies to mention. But I find myself regularly going in for a cuddle that ends in strangulation thoughts. Or vice versa. But I daresay they think that about me sometimes!

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  9. I don’t have kids, but I do have that with my nieces and nephew! They’re adorable, and they can be little buggers too.

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  10. I lived in KY when I was raising my kids and got that letter every other year. Most of the time my kids rode the school bus!


  11. During my daughter’s life there were a number of times when I told her, “I will always love you, but right now I don’t like you very much. You have the right to be angry, but you don’t have the right to damage my property because you’re angry. You have the right to not be happy about some of the decisions I make for you but you don’t have the right to take your unhappiness out on me. I will listen to your side of the story if you talk about it calmly but I reserve the right to stand by my original decision.”


    • That’s quite a mouthful. I don’t know if I could manage that in a flustered state of mind.


      • Believe me it was not easy, especially since I had been raised in a home where you were hit first & then blame was figured out later! I took parenting classes when my daughter was a toddler to make sure I did not repeat the pattern of the parenting I was raised with. And there were many times I had to send her to her room until I was calm enough to be able to say these types of things to her rather than just lose my temper & react out of my anger. But I knew deep down if I remained calm, listened to her side of a disagreement (whether I agreed or not) & made sure she knew where she was deviating from acceptable behavior she would learn a better lesson. As long as I remained calm, I knew she was much more likely to hear what I had to say. If I reacted in the moment & just yelled, the chances of her getting the point I was trying to make were much reduced.


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