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Well, it’s finally here. November. Time for Movember, NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo, and NaNoWeAreNotInKansasNoMoFoSho (<- Okay, that one’s not real) and Black Thanksgiving. The temperature is brisk, and we’ve fallen back into time.


It’s Movember, bitches! Image via Goldfish.

This November I decided not to take any of the trending challenges, and instead decided to sign up for Blogging University, hosted by WordPress. Why? Well, as most of you know, I just started with a fresh blog no less than three weeks ago.

My name is Scott,  however most people on WordPress know me as Twindaddy (or TD for short), and I have been blogging for over 4 years now. I began blogging in October of 2010, but didn’t begin blogging on WordPress until January of 2011. Over the last four years I built Stuphblog (which is a name I came to despise for some reason) into a fairly successful blog, but decided about a month ago that I needed a new start. I also decided to stop blogging anonymously, removing the stormtrooper mask from which I blogged behind for the last four years. For those of you who have arrived here via the Blogging U. challenge, you can get more details here as to why I decided to start afresh and eschew my anonymity.

When I began blogging, I did so to stave off the boredom I sometimes suffered while at work. At the time I was working helpdesk and needed something to occupy my mind in between calls. About a year and a half later my wife left me and it was then that I discovered the therapeutic qualities of writing. Through writing out my feelings, often in the form of poetry, I was able to really clear my mind, not only of the demons I was battling through my divorce, but also of demons I still battled which still lingered from my abusive first marriage and my rough teenage years. Things I didn’t realize I’d been subconsciously holding on to were released through my poetry and prose.

I also struggle with depression, and writing out my ups and downs with depression has also proven valuable to me, especially when I receive understanding comments from other bloggers who also have depression and understand exactly what I’m going through. It’s helpful to know I’m not alone in this struggle.

Aside from the therapeutic qualities of writing, I also like to entertain. I fancy myself as someone who has a pretty decent sense of humor, so if I’m not writing about battles with my demons, I’ll most likely be trying to entertain you with humorous anecdotes from my past, an opinionated and snarky essay, some flash fiction, or stories of my children driving me nuts.

Huh? Children? Yes, I have three of them. I have 14-year-old twin boys (hence the moniker Twindaddy – duh) and a 3-year-old toddler, also a boy. I love them more than coffeh (which is A LOT) and they are my sole purpose in life right now. Like any children, though, there are moments with them that murder what little sanity I have remaining.

Through this blog I hope to, aside from entertaining you, raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. Because of the stigma attached to mental illness, too many people are afraid to seek treatment for any mental illness they may be suffering. Untreated mental illness is the leading cause of suicide, and suicide has had a major impact on my life. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is an organization I fully support, and I try to do as much as I can for them.

Ultimately, this blog will be a melting pot of my thoughts and feelings based on my mood on any given day. About the only thing I don’t do with this blog is photography, because I suck at it. I will warn you, though, I’m not averse to using profanity.

Over the years I’ve connected with many wonderful people through blogging, and I hope that by taking this challenge I can build my readership back up and connect with that many more. Blogging has given a lot to me, and I value the communities which can be built through blogging with WordPress.


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Sometimes funny. Sometimes serious. Always genuine.

45 Comments on Hi, My Name Is…

  1. Good luck with the Blogging U. NaNoWriMo will get you eventually…

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  2. Yay blogging! 😛 I’m enjoying NaNoWriMo …. depite not being able to blog right now, the writing challenge is fun. Hope you have fun with blog U.

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  3. Really appreciated your transparency! Lovely to meet you through Blogging U!


  4. Hi Scott,

    Loved reading your ‘intro’. I myself and not a great writer, but I’m trying it out to help, like yourself, with my depression. You have given me hope that my blog will help me to. I’d love for you to join me beginningmeagain.com. Thank you.

    P.S. I’m taking the blogging U course too


    • Hi Dawn! Thanks for reading! Blogging, for me and others I know via blogging, had been extremely therapeutic. My counselor tried to explain it to me once how it was. Something about transferring the emotions into word moved things around in the brain. I don’t know, honestly. It made sense when he said it, but I’ve obviously forgotten.

      Anyway, I will come check out your blog in a bit. I hope you stick with it!!

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  5. You are going to blog university? How exciting… I think you are pretty awesome already, IMHO. Can’t you skip ahead to the honorary degree?

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  6. Kristi Campbell - findingninee // November 3, 2014 at 11:46 am // Reply

    OOH must check out Blog University. I signed up for NanoWrimo last year and quit after about a week. I found that just writing for the sake of word count made me write crappier than usual and I had a really hard time not fixing things as I went along. Anyway, blogging has given me a lot as well – most importantly, awesome people like you!

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  7. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me // November 3, 2014 at 12:22 pm // Reply

    What is this Blogging University you speak of? I live under a rock most days, you see, and my posting has been sporadic at best lately so I’m like the anti-blogger at the moment.
    Your post here is so timely, Scott (for me anyway), since I just recently ventured over here to read you. Looking forward to learning more. Glad to know someone else who isn’t rocking the photo stuff – I can take a decent one…I just…don’t. And melting pot is a good description of mine (when I actually get something posted, that is).
    Thanks for the great intro to you and your blog and for your honesty. Go you!

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  8. The mere thought of NaNoWriMo makes me feel weak at the knees – I have too much going on right now to be able to put the time in to write. I admire those who are doing that. I admire those who are able to post weekly, or even daily.

    I admire you, Scott, for all that you do, your openness and honesty and sheer brilliance.


  9. Yeahhhhh there’s no way you’d get me doing WriMo or BloMo (A-Z April was hard enough). I think as much as anything else, it’s the sheer time and effort involved going around everyone else’s blogs and MAKING those connections (and wading through tripe on the way). I have HUGE amounts of writing to be done, and your stalker gave me her #KickCancersAss assignment last night, and it’s so beautiful and generous it set my soul aglow. So there’s that, two fictions, one fiction to edit, one considering to edit, a poem and THEN anything I actually want to write for my own blog.

    No idea why you just got that offloaded onto you. Enjoy it. Or something.

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  10. I’m so glad you did start blogging and to have found you! I find you hilarious, and genuine and genuinely entertaining. It’s nice to know what you look like, as a lot of people have used the stormtrooper image as their avi and my brain gets them confused! It’s always nice to know what someone looks like. I started my blog not even 2 years ago and I don’t know anything about anything and have no time to even be taught. But I know what I enjoy reading, and your blog is definitely an enjoyable read!
    I wanted to be anonymous at first as a blogger as well, but then when I see what someone looks like, or look at that author photo on the back cover of a book, I feel like I’m really connecting to a PERSON. I know it’s not really, but it’s always nice to put a face to a voice, even a written voice.


  11. Yay for not jumping on the wrimo and blomo bandwagons! I shuddered when I realized my pulling back from WP coincided with the month that bloggers would be posting MORE frequently. :-S


  12. Writing is so very cathartic. I didn’t realize how much it would help me. I am so glad to read this, Scott. I am so glad you are writing. 🙂


  13. Hmmm…looky here. I’m only about nine days behind. These short people in my house are workin’ me too hard! You are one of my fave people and I loved reading this. I had to check out this Blog U and wish I had seen it before now. I can barely keep my head above water so Nano whatevs of any kind are off the table for me. Have fun with this. It seems like a pretty good way to learn some new stuff..or refresh what you already know.


  14. Courageous to take on Blogging U! Yesterday, in Canada, was Bell’s Let’s Talk day. This is an annual fundraiser sponsored by Bell Canada where Bell donates 5 cents for every FB post, tweet, text or long distance call made that day (if Bell Canada’s Let’s Talk Day is mentioned). Yesterday they raised over 20,000,000 dollars. It was their most successful fundraiser ever. The money raised goes to support phone lines for kids where they can call when they are having difficulties coping & various other mental health based endeavors. This has become a big thing in Canada, due in part to the courageous efforts of Clara Hughes (our Olympic medal winning speed skater & cyclist). Last spring/summer Clara Hughes cycled across most of Canada bringing awareness of mental health issues to the forefront & ensuring people & children know it’s OK to speak up if you’re having difficulties. I wrote a post about her fundraising efforts: https://benzeknees.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/claras-big-ride-hopefully-a-solution-for-the-rash-of-recent-suicides/


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