Ohhhhhh…today’s assignment allows me to wax narcissistic and detail my dream reader. The ideal person I’d like reading my blog. I could have some fun with this.

First, my ideal reader would agree with everything I say, because I’m obviously never wrong. My ideal reader would worship me as if I walked on water. They would praise my prose and laugh at my every joke, no matter how horrible it is. They would share my every word on all their social media accounts because they would believe that my every utterance needs to be heard by the masses. They would openly wonder why I’ve yet to be published, because I’m clearly the greatest writer on the planet. They would stalk me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and outside my home (hi, Mandi) because you can just never have too much of me. In my ideal reader’s eyes, I could do no wrong because I’m absolutely perfect.

It’s nice to dream, isn’t it? Sigh…

If I can be serious for a moment (and only a moment, because being serious is the suck), my ideal reader would have much in common with me; an open-minded individual unafraid to have open, frank, and respectful discussions about whatever topic I choose to discuss. They don’t necessarily have to agree with me, but they would be honest regarding their views and would convey those views without insults or rage. My ideal reader would offer their own experiences when I write about mine to open my mind to other points of view. For instance, when I write about my mental health my ideal reader would offer their own experience with their struggles with mental health, if indeed they have them. My ideal reader would also offer their insight into my struggles and perhaps share how they overcame their similar struggles.

Ideally, I would form a friendship with my reader, and over the last four years I have formed many, many valuable friendships via blogging. I have formed relationships with people who have had similar struggles. People who have dealt with abuse, depression, and divorce. I value those relationships because I know I can reach out to those people and they will understand. These people help me grow. I have changed drastically over the past four years (for the better) and much of that is a result of the relationships I’ve forged through WordPress.

My ideal reader? Well, my ideal reader would just kick ass. Plain and simple. But at this point I’ll take whatever I can get, because I’m a stat-whore.