Next Year I’m Taking a Dump

Shenanigans ensue when my mom’s side of the family gets together. We’ve long had a tradition of getting drunk and playing board games on our trips to the Motor City. Normally, we play Trivial Pursuit, which is hella fun if you’re drunk and shouting out inane answers which are more funny than correct. That’s part of the game, now. So much so that we’ve adopted Regis Philbin‘s legendary question from Millionaire…

That’s your final answer? Seriously?

One of the other games we play is Taboo™. For anyone unfamiliar with this game, the object is for one person on your team to get you to guess the word he or she has on the card they drew. There is an egg-timer, and the goal is to get as many correct guesses before all of the sand has fallen to the bottom. The trick is, though, there is a list of words you, the person holding the card, cannot use in your efforts to help your teammates guess the word you have drawn.

This is an example card. I would try to get my teammates to guess the word kangaroo without using any of the words listed below.

On one particular visit to Detroit, my family was gathered at my aunt’s house and we were playing Taboo™. Those of us of age were imbibing. It was my youngest brother’s turn to hold the cards and get his teammates to guess the correct words. He was in high school at the time, and the first card he had drawn had the word “geometry” at the top. My youngest brother set to work.

“I’ll be taking this next year,” he said, completely oblivious to the opening he had just unearthed. I guess it never occurred to him that no one besides him, and perhaps our mother, knew what classes he would be taking next year. Clearly, it also never occurred to him how a family full of smartasses would respond to his clue.

There were a couple of legitimate guesses from other teammates before my other brother, Revis, shouted, “A dump!”


Pandemonium ensued. Most of us fell from our chairs convulsing with laughter. The egg-timer was depleted long before order was restored and the turn had to be replayed. Glasses were refilled. Tears of laughter were wiped from sopping eyes. It was great.

I love my family.


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35 Comments on Next Year I’m Taking a Dump

  1. Because you have to poop… sooner or later.

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  2. One of my collegues just walked passed me and asked “Serins, whey are you laughting all to yourself?” 🙂 (cause reading your post)

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  3. Taboo is the greatest game of all time! I am buying it for my family for Christmas. That, and Pictionary tend to induce the kind pandemonium you described!

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  4. Poop is always funny!

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  5. There are times that poo is not funny. Not that you, Scott, should come over to my blog and re-read the post I wrote about that. Noooo way.

    That sounds like a great game. I find myself with different Christmas plans this year – and I’m at a bit of a loss. Fun games might help 🙂


  6. My aunt had that game. I remember just spamming a buzzer. I was too little to understand their drunken shenanigans. There are many funny pictures of these game sessions, though.


  7. By your title I thought it was going to be a post about getting out of spending time with family by say “I have to take a dump” because no one can judge just how long a dump should take… hours?

    I was happy to read I was wrong.

    Yeah for loving. .. enjoying our families! !!

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  8. that is too funny Scott. Playing board or word ganes with family can be very funny as they know you too well.

    As an aside Scott i did two guest posts yesterday and I’d be honored if you could find the time to drop by for a read: one at Cordelia’s Mom and the other at Mindful Digressions

    Thanks so much Scott. 🙂


  9. Sounds almost as funny as Cards Against Humanity. Not that I could EVER play that with family 😉


  10. My answers may not always be correct, but they’re always right.


  11. Geometry can be important in mathematically determining the volume of a dump…


  12. I remember those times, all of them!!!! Oh boy was that the good times!!! I love my family too. I am so glad that you remember those times, they will be forever treasured and I enjoyed each and every moment!!! Do you remember Ghandi???


  13. Oh, the giggles caused by family get-togethers! And Revis is brilliant, as always. Perfect timing.

    Will there be a replay at any point? Or has “Dump” become one of Revis’s stock answers?

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  14. Except for the alcoholic spirits, this is my ideal get together with friends! I don’t mind if others drink around me – I just don’t imbibe. And don’t get sloppy drunk around me – I hate that. And I hate angry drunks too!


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