It’s been far too long since I’ve written a TToT post. I meant to write one last weekend, but got so busy with the holiday (and Dragon Age: Inquisition) that I totally forgot about it.

Normally, being thankful during this time of year is easy, but recent events are making it hard to see the good in this world. There is just no escaping the avalanche of horrible news permeating society. The lack of justice, or more accurately the lack of even attempting to dispense justice, leaves me hopeless and wondering how so many possess moral compasses so astray. Our collective lack of humanity is on full display everywhere I look, and it forces me to withdraw further into my shell and look for ways to escape reality. Sigh…

Let’s see if I can find some things to be thankful about!
Had a slight scare this week, as Wednesday evening my mother started having sever abdominal pain. I took her to the ER and stayed with her for most of the night while they tried to figure out what the issue was.

Long story short, they don’t really know. She had some inflammation in her digestive system, and it decided to quit working for a bit. The gave her medicine to keep her comfortable until it passed. She’s now, as of yesterday afternoon, home and back to her normal (read: goofy) self.

Just to clear up any confusion, I’m definitely not thankful she became ill, but rather that it passed quickly and, most importantly, that she’s okay.

Moments with Baby C:

  • *benchpresses his pillow* My power is superstrength!
  • While playing with his Little Tykes basketball hoop last Friday, C put pixie dust on the basketball to help him make his shot.
  • *screams out loud then covers mouth* I’m too loud!

IIIThe twins turned 15 on Wednesday, thus making me feel every bit of my 37 years. Soon they’ll be wrecking my car and painting every last strand of my hair gray. It felt good to dedicate a week’s worth of posts to them. I love reliving memories of days past.

Dragon Age Inquisition. Bioware makes the best role-playing games, and I’m hooked on this one. If you like RPG’s, I definitely recommend this game, along with its two predecessors.


Amazon. While all the crazy people were out brawling shopping on Black Thanksgiving and Black Friday, I was at my computer in my pajamas buying all my presents on Amazon. No crowds. No people. And it comes to my door. How is this not a thing?
Coffeh. Always coffeh. 1 cup, 2 cup, 3 cup, 4….
PhotoFunia-4182af3 (1)

I get 26 paychecks a year and there are only 12 months; that means there are two months of the year when I get three paychecks. I’m thankful that that time has fallen around Christmas, allowing me to buy presents for my children and loved ones.

Still have not consumed a drop of alcohol since September 12. At this point I’m going for a record. Or something. It’s been a LONG time since I went this long without a drink. I’m sure sometime in the next couple months I’ll end up having a couple of drinks, but it will be to exacerbate a good time, and not escape my demons, who have thankfully been very quiet as of late.
IXI’m thankful for pumpkin pie. I had my fill of it in the last week. NOM!

I’m thankful for family. Sure I have an imperfect family, but I got to spend Thanksgiving day with my brother and mom and eat lots of good food. Even though this was my year without the kids, spending time with them and my niece filled that void left by them. I was able to get C late in the evening and spend a couple of hours at my dad’s house while C and his cousin E had shenanigans and chased my dad’s dog around the house. Those two are trouble when they’re together.