I Don’t Even Know Your Name

The internet is a wonderful place occasionally. Indeed, I have made many connections in cyberspace who can relate to me, my problems, and the shit I’ve been through. I’ve received much support when disclosing my mental health woes, my marital dilemmas, or discussing some abuses I’ve suffered in the past.

Mostly, however, the internet is full of trolls, keyboard warriors, and generally hateful people who lambast anyone who is different. Don’t believe me? Peruse the comment section on any news site or celebrity Facebook page and you’ll find something akin to the hateful ooze from Ghostbusters 2 smothering every caustic comment. A total lack of compassion and tolerance sits like a black hole at the very center of the world wide web.


I’ve been slimed.

It is for that reason that for most of my blogging career (for lack of a better word) I wore a mask to protect my identity. In the guise of a stormtrooper I blogged away as a clinically depressed, twice divorced, single father who was afraid to attach his actual name to the very real life he had lived. Then I decided enough was enough and that I needed to brave the information superhighway as myself so I could openly support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Darlings, another blogger has decided to remove the protective cloak of anonymity. A blogger (nay…WRITER!) whom I have supported for quite some time now has decided step out from behind the veil and reveal herself to the masses. Folks, it may not seem like much but I can tell you that for introverts like us this is a very huge deal – more so knowing that that angry pink ooze has infiltrated almost every crevasse of the internet. It’s not easy to step from behind that curtain and show the world who you are and for that I applaud my friend.

Please, read this post to see to what I’m referring. I’ll wait here impatiently while you read what might be shocking news to you.


You back? Did you actually read the post or were you planning to finish reading this one before following my link? Well, that’s up to you, but the rest of what I have to say may not make sense to you until you read the linked post above.

Let me just say this, darlings. Helena Hann-Basquiat still has my undying support and my friendship. I understand her reasons and respect them. Frankly, as someone who used to wear a mask it would be quite hypocritical for me to think otherwise.

What really matters here as that behind Helena is a real person whose writing is superb, and whose stories are real, relatable, and entertaining. The name has changed but everything else remains. I hope that everyone will show Helena the same support I was shown when I removed my mask.

Please, please, please…show Helena some love. Follow her blog. Buy her books. Leave her a supportive comment. Buy her a cup of coffeh. Most importantly, be compassionate and understanding. This was by no means something easy for her to do.


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18 Comments on I Don’t Even Know Your Name

  1. My toddler of a blog was completely private for the first half of its life. I definitely understand the fear, trepidation, mixed emotions that go into putting yourself out there. Best of luck to her!


  2. Great post. I’m glad you came out from behind your mask, and I’m glad Helena came out from behind hers. I’m MORE glad you both are my friends 🙂

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  3. I think inevitably there are those that will be somewhat too shocked at this news. What we must remember is that the kind person behind the mask remains the same yeasterday and today.

    We all wear a mask to show to people in real life, hide our feelings of hurt, loss, depression and what not.

    (Hugs) to Helena. I will continue reading and supporting this author, who has many times showed me a beautiful kind heart.

    Happy to have you both in my circle.

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    • It IS much easier to show vulnerability when you know no one knows who you are.

      Helena is amazing for doing this.

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      • Yes, indeed. I’ve had times when I thought should I really show this much of myself. The places I go to in life and blogging from an emotional perspective are sometimes very dark. More than I ever revealed in real life. It has had my real life people shocked, when they did decide to see what this whole blogging thing is about once in a while.


  4. Why would anybody be angry about this? Why the call for compassion? Could someone..I don’t know…like…feel betrayed or something? I’m being serious. Who would care that much? I think there’s something I’m not ‘getting.’ Won’t be the last time.

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    • I don’t know. People get angry about trivial shit all the time. You never know what will light someone’s fuse.

      As for the call for compassion, I just wanted people to show support for something I KNOW wasn’t easy to do for Helena, having unmasked myself only a few months ago.


  5. Helena is awesome. I forget how I found her originally. It was either you, Samara, or Lizzi, I can’t remember.
    What I do remember is we bonded over a Smiths song & I’ve loved her ever since.
    I wasn’t “shocked” after reading their yesterday. I can relate to a degree. I have my own mask for different reasons.

    Anyhow, Helena is a whole ‘nother level of talented. I’m proud of both of you for having the courage. I’m not quite there yet myself. Maybe someday.


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