TToT: I’m So Busy I Can’t Sleep

It is 5:36 on a Saturday morning. A sane person might be wondering why I’m awake. Hell, even a person whose sanity is in question (me) is wondering why I’m awake.

My bladder woke me up about a half an hour ago. My mind prevented me from slipping back into the realm of dreams. My mind began to wander the moment I laid my head upon my pillow. For once, it wasn’t depressive thoughts bouncing around my head like balls in a lottery machine. It was work. Specifically, I was pondering ways to accomplish the massive amount of chores on my plate.

I love the new job so far. The work, while not precisely challenging, is a change of pace from the things I had been doing at my old job for the last few years. The thing is, though, my predecessors neglected much of their responsibility before they left. I’m trying to catch up on issues which have been lingering for months. I’ve caught most of them up, but I still have two pretty time-consuming tasks on my plate, and that is where my thoughts drifted as I tried in vain to summon the sandman once more.

Everyone I’ve run into at the new job has been extremely nice and gracious. They’ve introduced themselves to me with smiles and they’ve been helpful when I’m looking for someone I don’t know or a room I can’t locate. My two counterparts are both easy-going guys who like to joke around. They’ve been very accommodating and patient with all of my questions.

In short, the job is going well.

Life has kept my busy outside of work, as well. Baby C has become increasingly demanding of my attention. I simply must watch every miniscule thing he does. He has to hold me (When he wants to be held he says, “I wanna hold you,” which means he wants me to hold him.) whenever he’s doing something. If I’m sitting down he has to consume every inch of my lap.

While I am completely in love with the fact that he enjoys sharing all the things with me, it’s sometimes a bit draining when I need or want to do something for myself. Still, I love that child and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m also spending a lot of time with my niece, Baby E (who if you don’t recall, is Revis’ little girl). On average, I watch her for about an hour and a half a day after work. I get home pretty early since I work for a school now, so I watch her until my sister-in-law picks her up. Baby E is stingy with her love and affection, and in the last few weeks I’ve been getting more and more of it. She sits in my lap while watching TV. She lays her head down on my shoulder if she’s tired and ready for a nap. It’s been awesome.

The twins are still typical teenagers. They’re into three things right now: their phones, their Xbox, and food. Oh, and asking for things which cost money. “Hey, Dad, I need new shoes.” Dammit! Didn’t I buy you a pair last year?? 

We still have fun with what time we have together. The only time I get to dedicate solely to them is Wednesday evenings. We honestly don’t do much anymore because they’re into their own things, but this past Wednesday Baby B thought he could take his old man in an impromptu wrestling match. Baby A laughed as I disproved Baby B’s theory.

I still got it.

Overall, things are still going well (except for, you know, waking up at 5AM on a Saturday – WTF?) and I have a great deal to be thankful for.


What are you thankful for?

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59 Comments on TToT: I’m So Busy I Can’t Sleep

  1. Yay, glad the new job is going well, plus the other things.


  2. Deborah the Closet Monster // March 14, 2015 at 5:59 am // Reply

    Thankful to read this. Thankful for three sets of snores within five feet. Not thankful to have been awakened by the sound of vomiting, but glad that it makes stronger my case (I have been making for months) we need to make some dietary changes. Also thankful for change. I can’t believe I used to dread it.


    • I’m always apprehensive of change. I have no idea why. I guess I’m just a comfort person who really likes his routines.

      And kids getting sick in the night is the worst. Hope whichever one it was feels better soon.


      • Deborah the Closet Monster // March 14, 2015 at 6:04 am // Reply

        We’ve had a few mornings consecutive of stomach pain complaints. I immediately went to worst case scenarios, having read once about the most sinister causes of morning stomach pain, but there are lots of indigestion related ones, too. Phew!

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  3. When I saw this in my inbox a little while ago I thought that this is a bit early for you. Minni Me is just as consuming of my lap. But she has always been this way. Often I type away with her sitting here. She however likes to sit in-front of the TV. And I have already seen every single episode of Tom and Jerry, Scoobedoo and Doctor Gadget 10 times. But she insists I sit with her there. Aka, I need a more portable device to work on while I can’t be at my PC.


  4. So pleased to hear the job is going well – it can make such a huge difference when you like going to work every day!!

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  5. Jen @ Driftwood Gardens // March 14, 2015 at 8:33 am // Reply

    5 AM on a Saturday? Yeah, that sucks and I’ve been there. I slept in until 7 today though! As you know someday you will be missing that kid in your lap, so I’m glad to see it here in your TToT, even though (and I know from experience) it can be a tad annoying at times when we’re trying to get stuff done. Congrats on the new job and don’t stress too much – everything will get done in due time. Never forget you’re just one person.


  6. I’m glad you enjoy your new job.
    But don’t be too good at it: if you fix every issue and everything works perfectly, your employers will start wondering whether they need an IT guy at all. 🙂


  7. I bet you are hugely popular at the new job for catching up all those projects that have been languishing.
    And baby love…whole lot of thankful there!


  8. Haven’t seen you here for awhile. Sounds like things are going well. Teenage boys – you have my condolences. Maybe Baby C is jealous of Baby E. Where is Baby D? Glad the job is going well and you are having fun with the kids.


  9. Ah, the old bladder alarm clock. Never fails to disappoint.

    A dull, mundane task can be a breeze if you’re surrounded by agreeable colleagues. I know that more than anyone. Glad to hear you’ve got wind in your sails.

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  10. Ugh, the bladder wake-up before it’s really time. Hate that. May as well get up and get the coffee going at that point, especially if the brain is not cooperating about returning to sleep. But non-sad thougths? That’s so great, Scott.
    I love all your appreciation here for the time spent with special people – great kids.
    I get the thing where you love that the kid wants you but at the same time it drains you. I always try to find that sweet spot between the two extremes.
    Great and happy-feeling post. Have a great week!


  11. Five on a saturday… I work sat so five is okay… but I get it cuz I get nutty if Im up at five on sunday… Your littlest is in the “Hey, hey, watch me do this” stage! Fun but challenging… funny so is the teen separation thing… maybe its just kids – fun but challenging?


    • Five on a Saturday is definitely not okay.

      My wee one is definitely in the look-at-me stage and it’s okay most of the time. Sometimes, though, it’s just like… Leave me alone.

      The twins are definitely into their own things, and I get that. I was 15 once upon a time, and hanging with my parents wasn’t high on my priority list.

      Oh, well…

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  12. Wait..normal people don’t get up that early *looks at her six year old who thinks it’s acceptable to wake up before McDonald’s starts defrosting slabs of whatever-the-meat-it-is-between-English-muffins*????
    I think the work deal is great. I mean, having to tie up all the loose ends is sucky but the fact that everyone is welcoming is a good thing. I bet it makes the transition so much easier.
    Steal all those cuddles and keep kicking ass…errr…I mean…well…don’t kick your kids ass just kick ass at challenges.

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    • Hey! Those slabs of whatever at McDonalds are the best thing they have on the menu! Well, except for the chocolate chip frappe…

      Damn…now I want one.


  13. I’m so glad you like the new job. Seriously — we spend so much time at our work that when it sucks, well, it sucks.

    You will get used to — and learn how to manage — more work than you think you possibly can. Trust me — that’s been my life for years! And you can sleep in next weekend. Or the one after…


  14. I’m glad that the new job is going well. Do try and make some time for yourself, though!


  15. I just LIKE how you write. I like how frank it is, and how fun, and how I get a real sense of being able to see these things happen, like Baby C being all possessive, and Baby E giving you snuggles.

    I’m glad your new job is going well, and is SO much a better fit for you than the old one (even if you have to learn to Apple…)


  16. This is a lovely post, Scott. It’s good to read of so much to be thankful for. May it long continue.


  17. I can relate to the “Why am I awake?” question–I’m asking myself the same thing now. At least I can be somewhat productive in the wee morning hours by commenting on TToT posts! 🙂

    Congratulations on the job; sounds like it is a really good thing! And toddler affection, though stifling, is so sweet! (Maybe he can have some “work” to do next to you, and you can both work together for very short stretches in between holding times? Just a thought. Good luck!)


    • I got to sleep until 9:30 this morning, so m feeling much better today.
      I’m working on the stifling attention. Like you said, it is sweet, but its sometimes suffocating, too. We’ll get through it, though.


  18. Story of my life being up early 7 days a week. My eyes open and my brain turns right on. I’m so happy for you and your new job!! Sounds like a friendly environment, which is always welcomed in my book.
    I miss the days of toddler love, but not the feeding of ONE teenage boy let alone TWO and we can not even discuss the sneaker issue. Just a heads up, soon you’ll be replacing them in a month, not a year.
    Have a great day!


  19. This is a fantastic list! New job, TONS of attention, beautiful things! My middle child is a “Look at me, look what I did, NOW look, look what I did NOW, LOOK!” type of kid, which is exhausting and makes getting anything done almost impossible, but like you said, you wouldn’t change that. And soon enough I know she’ll join the ranks of your teens and her older brother, and totally be into her own thing and I’ll be fighting for her attention. Soooo, I look, I hug and hum “Cat’s In The Cradle” and remember how fleeting it all is. It’s great that you take the time to realize it! Awesome!


  20. So happy to hear that the job is going well and especially, that your coworkers are cool and nice. THAT right there, is huge. Working for a school is great because of the hours, especially if you have little ones so that’s fantastic. Muy bueno. 🙂


  21. Kristi Campbell - findingninee // March 21, 2015 at 3:20 pm // Reply

    So happy to read that the job is going well (but thinking about it at 5am on a Saturday sucks) and you do have much to be thankful for. Love the “I wanna hold you” for when C wants to be held and you rock for still being able to take B out in a wrestling match! 🙂

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  22. Wow! That’s early on a Saturday…even for a chronic morning person like me. I’ve started sleeping a little later and find that I like it. A lot.
    It sounds like things are going really well for you. I’m so glad to hear it. I don’t feel like I am able to keep up these days and I don’t see you as much as I used to but it sounds like you’ve been busy too.
    Lots of great kiddo news here and Baby C is so cute. Enjoy it, my friend. I miss those moments with Jake. It seems like it was just yesterday.
    Glad you are in a good place, Scott. It does my heart good!


    • Thanks, Sandy!

      I’m not really around that much anymore, either. While my old job was mostly downtime this new one has hardly any. Plus I’m still not feeling the urge to write like I used to. Maybe it’s because I’m in a good place now, I don’t know. I try to check in here when I can, though.

      How are you doing?


  23. Hiya….just wanted to check in and see how everything is going for you. xx


  24. An incredible list. I am so happy to hear the new job is going well. And I remind myself, every time a child wants to sit on top of me rather than next to me that one day they will be teens and only want to sit near me to access my wallet 🙂


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