On the Outside/Inside

two faced trooper

On the outside it might seem
Like I couldn’t care less
That I don’t give a damn
That I’m unimpressed

On the outside it might seem
Like I’m lost in my thoughts
Aloof and unappreciative
My stomach in knots

On the outside it might seem
Like I’ve nothing to say
Nothing to share
No desire to stay

On the outside I’m cold
Give nothing away
Caustic and brutal
With words I can slay
I don’t trust easily
Don’t ask me to share
Don’t ever cross me
Don’t you ever dare
My shields are up
My memory long
Don’t think you’ll sing me
Some brand new song
I’ve heard every line
Seen every bit
Don’t have the time
To deal with that shit


The outside betrays
What lies underneath
I have all these feelings
Lodged in a sheath
The outside is
A brumal façade
The inside is
Broken and flawed

On the inside I feel
Unworthy of love
Afraid that you’ll leave me
When push comes to shove

On the inside I feel
Like I hold no value
Got nothing to offer
An off-colored hue

On the inside I feel
Like I’ll get it wrong
A social leper
Like I don’t belong

Beneath the surface
A different tune plays
If I only knew how
I’d count you the ways
I want to be loved
I long for your touch
I hunger for closeness
I need it so much
My love is boundless
My loyalty taut
The problem is
This one little fault
I don’t know how
To show you I care
Heart in dire need of
Emotional repair

The inside is melty
Gooey and warm
I’m really a teddy bear
In human form
I wish I could match
These two sides of me
But this cross I bear
Is mine eternally

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Sometimes funny. Sometimes serious. Always genuine.

15 Comments on On the Outside/Inside

  1. FRIST!

    And utterly, utterly beautiful, my BTFFFL ❤


  2. I’ve missed your poetry. Beautiful. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful! I think this resonates with many.


  4. Ahh. I’ve missed visiting here.


  5. Awesome. So essentially, you’re a calzone.


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