What Father’s Day Means To Me

It’s Father’s Day. Today we celebrate our fathers. At least, those of us who had decent fathers do. Some weren’t so lucky. Some had deadbeat dads. Some had abusive dads. Some had neglectful dads. Some had stepdads. Some had foster dads. Some didn’t have a dad at all.

I have many fond childhood memories of my father. Playing sports with him. His love of all things World War 2. Him telling me Spiderman was on the ceiling and then stealing food from my plate when I inevitably looked. The look on his face the day I put Dawn in the dishwasher.

baby facepalm

While I do take time on Father’s Day to remember all of the good things about my father and the invaluable things he’s taught me, this holiday has taken on a different meaning to me since I became a father. Being a father has completely warped my life, rearranged my priorities, and given me purpose greater than any I have ever had. It’s unfathomable to think that someone you’ve never met before can turn your life completely on its side in the blink of an eye, but that’s just what happened to me the moment I became a daddy.

I didn’t believe in love at first sight. It seemed such a foolish notion. Then I held my first-born child. It didn’t feel real. It felt like a sort of out-of-body experience. Like I was remotely viewing a first-person account of someone else’s life. I was holding a child, my child, and I was drowning in love. It was flowing with every beat of my heart. It was seeping from my pores. It was streaming from my eyes. This was my child, and I knew in that moment I would never love anyone more than I loved this baby boy.

Then, not even a minute later, I was the father of a second boy. Eleven years later, a third.

I love all three of them more than any other being on the planet. Father’s Day, to me, isn’t just celebrating my father. It’s celebrating being a father.

For over 15 years I have been kissing boo boos, wiping butts, potty training, submitting to outlandish desires, singing and dancing to songs I loathe, watching horrid TV shows, stealing kisses and hugs, tucking in, tickling, telling and listening to bed-time stories, enjoying imaginative whims, cuddling, reading children’s books, and. . . really, I could go on, but for brevity’s sake I won’t. I have loved every minute of these last 15 years. Okay, not every minute, but I’ve enjoyed most of it and I’d not trade a single moment for anything else.


Father’s Day is a great way to recognize and celebrate those men who took their responsibilities to their children seriously and did the very best they could, but for me it’s more of a day to appreciate the fact that I am a father to three wonderful young men, and recognize just how lucky I am to have them in my life. They make me want to be a better person. Hopefully, I do the same for them.

Here’s to being a father.


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30 Comments on What Father’s Day Means To Me

  1. What a beautiful post, Scott! I hope you had another memorable Father’s Day!


  2. This is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Happy Fathers Day, Scott. I just hope Twin B doesn’t read how you wrote such a poignant paragraph about Twin A, and then just “a minute later, there was a second one” about B. 🙂


    • Well, I felt the same way with all three of them, but felt it for the first time with A. Of course, B is on my list right now because when I asked him to wrap the leftover pizza up in foil last night he just wrapped the entire box and left it on the stove…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, he did wrap the pizza in foil as you had asked, so maybe you should be more specific with directions next time. Better yet, get get them in writing and have a lawyer go over it to make sure A and B do exactly what you want them to do.


  4. Hope you had a good one. :0)


  5. Ahhhh happy father’s day, my BTFFFL. I hope you had a lovely time. Apart from the foil-wrapped pizza. That was hysterical 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You put Dawn in the dishwasher?! Really?! 😉

    awesome post!


    • Yeah. We were out of the regular stuff, I think, so I figured it would at least get the dishes clean. And it did…along with the floor, the cabinets, the fridge…

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Hope you had a pleasant Father’s Day. This was sweet. 🙂


  8. What a beautiful post, TD.


  9. Gorgeous words, Scott. Happy Father’s Day to a fantastic father 🙂


  10. Parenthood definitely has it’s love/hate moments, but I wouldn’t trade them either. Hope you enjoyed your special day.


  11. I nearly cried. Perfect.


  12. Oh you are so right, about falling in love at first sight. I never believed in that either, until parenthood. Happy Fathers Day!


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