A Cavalier Goodbye

My longest relationship, aside from those I’m immediately related to, hasn’t been with a woman or a friend (or even a man), it’s been with a vehicle.

My first few vehicles weren’t with me very long. My very first vehicle lasted about 3 months. I didn’t find out until after I had paid for it that it had been sitting for the better part of a year unused. Needless to say, many a leak sprang after I purchased it, and the transmission completely fried not long after. Luckily, there had been an issue with transferring the title, so when the county came after me because I abandoned “my” car, I was able to legitimately say, “Hey, that’s not mine. Go after this guy.” Serves the fucker right for not disclosing it had sat idle for so long until after I paid him for it.

My next car, a 1991 Ford Escort GT (which I loved) I had a couple of years until I found out I would be the proud (and frightened) father of twins. I quickly traded it in for a minivan, which the twins’ mother totaled a couple of years later. Later I would buy another minivan, which again would later be totaled by the twins’ mother, and I also hunted down another Escort GT, which got totaled by some assclown who ran a red light. I then, at the insistence of the twins’ mother, bought a Mustang, which promptly got traded in a year later because driving the Mustang in the rain and snow scared the shit out of her.

I traded that Mustang in for a 2005 Chevy Cavalier, and thus bloomed a beautiful 10-year relationship.

That Cavalier has pretty much been the most reliable thing in my life over the last 10 years. Through two divorces, financial hardships, severe bouts of depression, and several changes of address, that car has served me faithfully and diligently. It has taken me to places all over the country, from Michigan, to Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

My poor Cavalier after some douche turned down a  street, decided he didn't want to go that way, threw his car into reverse, and backed right into me after I turned in after him.

My poor Cavalier after some douche turned down a street, decided he didn’t want to go that way, threw his car into reverse, and backed right into me after I turned in behind him.

Sadly the twins, as children tend to do, grew bigger. And then bigger. And then even bigger. In fact, I’m pretty sure the “little” ingrates are both a bit taller than me now (don’t worry, I can still take ’em). The Cavalier is a pretty compact car, so getting all four of us into it on a daily basis became a bit like solving the same puzzle over every morning.

I had initially planned on passing the Cavalier down to the twins, but under Kentucky law they can’t get their licenses for another year. Frankly, that little Cavalier wasn’t going to hold all four of us much longer at the rate the twins are growing, so I leased a new Malibu and decided to sell the Cavalier.

This morning, I sold my Cavalier, said goodbye, and cleaned it for the last time.

I know it’s just a car, but I’m not afraid to admit (yes I am, don’t listen to me – I don’t know what I’m talking about) that I’m saddened to see it go. I have many fond memories of that car, and I know she will serve her new owner well.

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Have you ever gotten attached to a car? Or some other non-sentient device? Tell me. I need to know I’m not alone.

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46 Comments on A Cavalier Goodbye

  1. Still driving the 96 pickup truck I got senior year of high school. Love my truck.

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  2. I cried when I sold my mini. Sniff…

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  3. They’re like our second homes in a way. I’ve missed cars that weren’t even mine before. My grandfather used to have an old 1980 Cadillac that I have fond memories of. It was white with a burgundy interior.

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  4. Melanie (DoesItEvenMatterWhoIReallyAm?) // August 8, 2015 at 3:00 pm // Reply

    I cried like a baby when my ’81Lincoln Conntinental Louis Vuitton Edition burned to the ground in my mechanic’s shop fire. Of course he didn’t have insurance and turned out to be in the country illegally so he hopped the border before I could have any recourse. Asshole.


  5. I had the biggest piece of shit car, a ford thunderbird after I totaled my 94 Pontiac grand am. The “t-bird” got me into more trouble and had more issues than anything in my life, but when the transmission and the engine gave up, and I traded her in, I was sad for days. Maybe even weeks. I still kinda miss her.

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  6. Not JUST a car! I just lost a Corolla I’d had since college. Hard to say goodbye sometimes.



  7. Sorry, dude. I had two car loves: my high school ’68 Mustang (lost to the college process), and the next car I bought as a ‘grown up’: a ’94 Silverado with a standard tranny… Lost to the process of going to Germany, because Army. Damn.


  8. A’s mom and grandma are about to chip in on a new car to replace the one that’s barely driving now. He said, “If you’re not careful, they’ll do the same for you.” I said no way, no how; Pinky Sylvanas has only 130,000 miles on her, and I mean to keep driving her until her wheels fall off … and can’t reasonably be reaffixed. It’s she who kept me company when I moved to Los Angeles sans dog, and when I drove up to introduce my mom to her first grandchild, and for a million other landmarks in between. She’s “just” a car, but she’s my car, and she’s served me while through many long and joyous rides. I’ll miss her when it’s time to say goodbye.


  9. I love my Neon, and I don’t care who knows. This November will be 15 years since I bought it. While all of the newer vehicles everyone else I know break down and sputter out like the cheap pieces of shit they are, my dinosaur rolls on practically problem free. You don’t have to be a car guy to get attached to a car that’s served you well and for so long…


  10. I still miss my first car… it was so rundown that I donated it to a college so that they could practice on it. I wonder if it’s out back, rusting away… ah the memories in that thing. No kids in it (let alone twins), but it got me around.


  11. My first car was a 4-speed Honda Civic. I drove it for 11 years and only sold it when I moved out of province for a year. I still miss it. I drive a newer model Civic now but still remember all the great places that little car took me. 🙂


  12. Well, at least you didn’t name it, which is something I’m prone to do (mostly so that I can yell at it when it doesn’t work/encourage it not to fail)

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  13. My old car, I had from new, had it for 10 years and sold it to a friend when I joined the community. It was rather bashed in places, but I’d driven her for so long that it was like an extension of my body rather than a vehicle.


  14. Your niece bawled for almost ten minutes when they towed the Saturn away. “Where’s Daddy’s car goin?”

    Ummm, so I guess I can throw away the key to the Cavalier now???


  15. Hey! Remember me?
    Yep. I’m sad for you, but I totally get the big human thing. We have some of those ourselves. I can’t say I’ve been too attached to a car. I guess I’m more attached to not having a car payment.


  16. Kristi Campbell - findingninee // August 17, 2015 at 9:33 pm // Reply

    Holy crap, I didn’t realize it until now and reading your post but my longest relationship has been with a vehicle as well. In maybe 1991, I bought a 1984 CJ-7 Jeep Renegade. Soft-top. I drove that beauty for 11 years, and hardly had to do much to him with the exception of installing a kicker-box, Centerline wheels, oversized tires… oh man I miss him. At 199,— miles, the engine failed, and I paid almost as much as he cost to begin with to fix him. He was fixed, and then the cam shaft flattened (???) and then rebuilt again and then cam shaft again.
    During the four months he sat at the shop, the plates expired so when I picked him up, I went to get an emissions test. He passed it. And I drove to work, turned him off, and he caught on fire.
    I had him in my garage for 18 months until I didn’t have a garage any longer because husband then and I got a divorce. I still wish I kept him, but I didn’t have the money to then.
    That’s the longest relationship I’ve had, except for my parents and my brothers.

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  17. Dave drove his first car till it literally fell to pieces. :). Loving the things that were good to us is a beautiful habit. Goodbye to the cavalier, may it continue to enhance lives!


  18. How many miles did it have on it? I’m sure driving from Kentucky to Mason and back again every day helped add some. I’ve never owned a car that long, but I get it. Some cars you love and some you don’t. There’s a feeling with them, like you know it’s YOUR CAR. I’ve had two that way, a Neon and a Blazer. I miss both. But now I got a 2012 Buick Regal and I’m liking it. Not as much as when I got my Neon or first Blazer, but I like it, which is good cause I have to pay on it for 7 years lol.


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