She Told Me To Come But I Was Already There

One of the unexpected perks of blogging has been the connections I’ve made. When I began this venture it never occurred to me that I’d “meet” and befriend folks the globe over. It has been an illuminating experience reading points of view from so many different cultures, races, ages, and genders.

Of course some folks leave a bigger mark than others. Some have wormed their way into this heart of stone. Some have torn their way out. Some just kick down the door, storm in, start a riot, and leave you wondering what the fuck just happened.

I’d like to say happy birthday to one of those people today.

Samara is a brilliant writer, and hilariously brash. She has an opinion and she isn’t afraid to share it with you, either. We’ve had a share of disagreements, for sure, but I respect the hell out of her. We bonded over similar stories of heartbreak and inappropriate humor. Bonding over inappropriate humor, I might add, is the best way to bond.

Our mutual friend Lizzi decided that for Samara’s birthday she wanted create a mixed-tape. Each person was to pick a song for the mixed-tape which reminded us of Samara. I struggled with this, honestly, because how do you define a person by just one song? When Samara posted a picture of her AC/DC shirt the other day I suddenly knew what song I wanted to pick.

This song fits because Samara is wild (in a good way), unbridled, no holds barred, take no prisoners, unapologetically blunt, in your face, and feisty. She isn’t gonna take your shit and she will leave her mark on you. There’s no mistaking when Samara is around and she will shake you all night long.

Happy birthday, Samara. I hope it’s a wonderful one.


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36 Comments on She Told Me To Come But I Was Already There

  1. She is an amazing writer. I always feel like I’d like to meet her irl, but that I’d be so intimidated that I would probably not be able to speak.

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  2. Here’s to Samara! Respect here as well. And we loves us some fucking inappropriate humor.

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  3. Very nice, Scott. The song is perfect for Samara! What an impact she has made for so many of us. 🙂

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  4. Wow she is beloved by so many. What a nice thing you did, Scott.


  5. Scott. We do have some history, don’t we? And to think, we initially bonded over someone who is long gone from the blog world…

    I know you’re not around as much, and to be honest, as much as that makes me sad, I’m happy for you. Because I know you’re invested in your real life, and you’re thriving. It’s hard to make time for everything, and you have your priorities.

    You picked a great song! I love me some ACDC! I can’t help it, I love the classic rock and roll from when I was growing up.

    Thank you for being a part of this, and for being my friend.

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    • You know, I had a paragraph in here about what we bonded over originally, but then I thought, “That shit ain’t worth thinking about.”

      Happy birthday again, fucker. Tear some shit up while you celebrate.

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  6. Cheers to Samara and the type of energy that kicks doors down and leaves a mark! This was a great pick, TD. *hugs to you* (Also, happy birthday, Samara!)

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  7. Perfect song, and GORGEOUS words, Scott 🙂 I think you’re absolutely right about Samara leaving her mark. She WILL be noticed, and I think the rock music goes well with all the rock-tee pics I’ve been seeing lately. THANK YOU for being part of my madcap idea 🙂

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Samara

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