November is a busy month. Christmas shopping. (Black) Thanksgiving. Black Friday. Football. No-shave November and a mile-long list of other causes. National Novel Writing Month. And, for those of us who aren’t novelists, there’s National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo; which my juvenile mind chuckles about every time I pronounce that word in my head.

A few years back fellow blogger Rawra organized a group to participate in NaBloPoMo (trying to perfectly time hitting the shift key while typing that is like trying to nail a Metallica solo in Guitar Hero) and dubbed her team Nano Poblano, and made the logo a small pepper. (Wouldn’t you like to be a pepper, too?) Rawra has carried on this tradition and I decided that my November won’t be hectic enough and, at the last minute, joined her team. I have a lot on my mind at the moment and I think committing myself to writing it out will help. Now I just need to find the will and time.

So I’ll (hopefully) be posting a little mind poop every day for the next month. It might be worth reading. Maybe I’ll even get my sense of humor back…


Will you be participating in NaBloPoMo? Are you a pepper? Would you like to be? Do you also laugh when you say NaBloPoMo aloud? What are you, 12???

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37 Comments on #NaBloPoMoNoMoFoSho

  1. Not 12. Also not participating. But glad that you are 🙂 I like peppers and writing.

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  2. I signed up for National Novel Writing but still don’t have a topic or what I want to write about. I just heard about the blogging month so I may switch to that!


  3. Maybe next year, when I don’t have six languages vying for dominance over my mind. Good luck^^


  4. Ah yay! 🙂 I’m off to writing another novel. Maybe I could turn into an actual book and not just leave it at draft stage. Although with my energy levels if I don’t make it, I will have to forgive myself.


  5. I want to be a pepper too!!


  6. Well, I already made a commitment to not post more than once a week, so peppers for me…


  7. It’s tempting, but as I only just got back to posting once a week, challenging myself to 30 consecutive days my be setting myself up for failure. Tempting though!


  8. There’s always room for more hectic! ❤

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  9. I’m in! And I’m also trying to figure out why I’m not already following you. Weird – I thought I was. Happy Poblanoing!


  10. Go #TeamTinyPeppers 🙂 Hello, my name is Abbie and this is my first time participating in NanoPoblano/NaBloPoMo! Nice to meet ya!


  11. Good luck with the writing, my friend! I’m still trying to catch up on past posts, but at least I’ve not got too many left from October now that everyone’s posting on a daily basis!


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