How I Fall

How I Fall

I get to a place
Where life is good
Everything’s going
Just as it should

I think to myself
Another step forward
Pick a new goal
To inch closer toward

Think, think, think
My mind adrift
So many desires
Through which to sift

I know what I want
And that is to try
To reclaim the past
Swim back through time

I want my family
Assembled again
I reach out to her
Then we begin

It starts out amazing
Just like before
Then novelty fades
I am your bore

Light fades to night
And I have lost sight
No colors ignite
All’s black and white

I tread down a path
I’ve beaten before
Forgotten a lesson
I must learn once more

You’ll always want
What I can’t obtain
This failed attempt
Confirms I’m insane

You commit again
As I should have known
Deeds which cut me
Compassion not shown

Despair breaks me
Damage untold
Helpless spectator
Demons take hold

Drowning in anger
Reluctant, I choose
To temper the flames
Douse them with booze

This is how I fall
Unchecked lividity
Stranded alone
By my own stupidity

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26 Comments on How I Fall

  1. We do we return, like dogs to vomit, to the things that hurt us?

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  2. Sometimes I hate the light because I know the brighter it is, the darker it will seem when it fades. Feeling this. Good post.

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  3. And yet, had it worked, it would SO have been worth the gamble. And that’s the risk we all take.

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  4. I’m sorry, Scott. I feel for the pain you are going through. There has got to be hope, always. Hope keeps us going back regardless of the outcome and how painful it is. xoxo

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  5. I’m at a loss for words. You, and your words, are good. That I know.

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  6. This is a beautifully heartbreaking poem, and I love you. That’s all I got.
    Happy Nano’ing. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you’re with us. ❀

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  7. This cuts me through and through. I am sorry, I wish I could hug you till you didn’t hurt.


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