Run Like Ya Itch, Fool!

Movie Quotes

My brother and I like to throw random movie quotes into our conversations. I’m not sure how that came to be, but it is an undeniable fact. Often when we converse others are left confused by our movie quote recitations. They don’t understand why we get a bit animated over seemingly mundane statements. They are normies.

Back in 1996, a movie called “Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood” was released. It’s not a great movie. Hell, it’s not even a good movie. But it had one part in it that had my brother and I rolling.

See…there was a wise, old “gangsta” in the movie who acted all bad ass and untouchable. There is a scene in the movie where everyone is hanging out on his porch when some thugs drive by and start shooting at them.

All the other characters look towards the gangsta Yoda for advice when the shooting starts and what they get is hilarious. He screams, “Run like a bitch, fool!” and dives into the house.

That quote instantly became a part of my brother and I’s movie quote lexicon.

A few years later saw my brother and I visiting family in Michigan. We were in the living room of my aunt’s house one day while we were talking. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the content of our conversation, but I do remember it leading me to recite that particular quote. And so I started.

“Run like. . .”

I suddenly realized where I was. I was in my aunt’s house and her children, my cousins, surrounded me. My cousins were extremely young, and quoting “hood” movies in their presence was definitely not a good idea.

Luckily, I have a quick mind. And somehow, without missing a beat, I finished…

“. . .like ya itch, fool!”

My brother and I were dying laughing. Not only because the quote I attempted perfectly fit whatever it was we were discussing, but because of my near faux-pas and my brilliant save. From that day forward we no longer quoted that, urm…quote, from the movie, but my improvised line necessitated by the presence of my young, impressionable cousins.


Have you ever nearly royally fucked up only to save yourself at the last instant? This is your confessional.


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20 Comments on Run Like Ya Itch, Fool!

  1. Hahaha ya. Too funny, foo’. Nice save.


  2. Brace yourself!
    40’s and 9’s, my favorite store.
    Terrible movies often have the best lines.
    I have nothing to confess about a recent “save,” but the little prince did get to hear the f bomb the other day. Because people.


  3. Brilliant save!


  4. Yep, good save! I have a few friends whom I can converse with in movie quotes as well. 🙂


  5. Hehehe. I think I’ve had a few moments like that, but none so glorious or memorable.


  6. Very nice save! 😀


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