I Didn’t Write This Poem

I didn’t type this sentence
I didn’t write a word
I decided to try something
Utterly absurd

My fingers aren’t moving
My keyboard sits alone
For all you know I could be
Perched upon the throne

I’m nowhere near a computer
Just chilling on my couch
These words just keep appearing
How’s that for a slouch?

How can this be happening?
How did this come to be?
These words are just appearing
Every time I speak

Technology is amazing
With smartphone in hand
I can turn voice to words
And spread them ‘cross the land

This poem was “written” completely using google voice recognition. I got the idea to try this the other day and it is much more difficult to write this way than to actually type it out using a keyboard. Quite frankly writing this way is a real pain in the ass; I don’t recommend it at all. Still, it was a neat thing to try.


Do you use voice recognition on your phone? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Or do you think people who use it are just lazy bums?

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20 Comments on I Didn’t Write This Poem

  1. I took a buzzfeed quiz once about what accent I have. Came up I have a Midwestern accent which is preferable to reporters and what not. But at the same time I never use voice recognition on my phone unless it’s a quick question to Siri. She’s the only one who gets me. Speech to text messes me up.


    • My phone has Samsung Voice, which is supposed to be Samsung’s version of Siri, but I’ve yet to try it. Somehow the idea of me having a conversation directly with my phone strikes me as absurd. Of course, now that I’ve dictated an entire poem to my phone I should probably reconsider…

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  2. Kristi Campbell - findingninee // November 13, 2015 at 7:53 pm // Reply

    Cracking up! You did do a great job though but I need the keyboard… although I do read my posts out loud before clicking “publish.” Mostly, anyway.

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    • The tough part was when I wanted to hit enter, so I’d say “enter” and it would put some bullshit on the screen that I didn’t say. Then, if I enunciated more forcefully it got even worse, so then I had to calm down. Sigh…

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  3. With my accent, my phone’s voice recognition only recognizes about every other word I say in English. So it would be interesting to try to dictate a poem and see what Google turns it into – and then run it through a few rounds of Google translate, so that it’s completely unrecognizable.


  4. Nice! I finally have a new phone and will need to try out that feature…or not.


  5. Never used voice recognition. Heck, I’ve never even used Siri


  6. Try having a Texas drawl…yeah, no voice recognition in the world works well with any sort of drawl. The deeper into the southern drawl you go the worse it gets. Funny thing is, my drawl is mild as I worked hard to lose it over the years.

    I think you did great!

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  7. That was awesome!


  8. I agree, the problem is that it doesn’t do punctuation so you have to go back and edit it manually.

    One day, maybe….


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