The Unwitting Villain

Originally posted on my old blog, 8/14/14. I used to write poetic duets with Hasty Words. Like, all the time. I miss those days…

Anyhow, this, I believe, is the last duet we co-wrote. I wanted to repost it here so it can be seen again because I really like this one.

fuck you stormtrooper
Written by HastyWords and Twindaddy

Not enough air here
In this place without control
Suffocating in darkness
As words crash around me
In a long thunderous roll

Like a raging typhoon
Rumors haphazardly swirl
Killing my character
They tear me apart
Into the fetal position I curl

People think what they want
Without rhyme or thought
Thick slicing tongues
Spin devilishly sordid tales
Using me as their main plot

I’ve been cast in a role
For which I didn’t audition
I am the antagonist
I am the catalyst of all evil
I am traitorous and have no inhibition

So without further ado
I deliver to you this final execution
A twist in the plot, a final farewell
And I do this now on my own accord
Without any whispers of permission

A bitter smile adorns my face
While I bid the ultimate adieu
With middle fingers high
My voice laced with stress
I deliver to my haters a giant “fuck you”

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59 Comments on The Unwitting Villain

  1. Seriously the both of your rock!

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  2. Don’t listen to haters… assholes make noises when they fart, but I don’t try to interpret it.

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  3. That email was meant ironically. I really didn’t mean it when I said I hated your stupid face or that you were a stupid head or that you were a stupid stupid stupid-pants stupid-face. It was just a joke.
    Oh wait… I didn’t hit send on that… never mind!

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  4. Awesome …. just awesome!

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  5. The two of you have something awesome together 😀

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  6. This is awesome. You both are amazing.


  7. Ahhhh….okay. Now all is write with the world (it was a typo at first, but it works don’t you think?)
    Glad to see you two collaborating again. I hate to know what caused the angst behind these well-written words, but I’m glad you’ve come back to the platform that helps us all sort these things out. xo


  8. Really, haters are idiots with nothing better to do than try to make themselves feel bigger by attempting to make their target(s) feel smaller. They deserve both the intention of the picture and the last line. Nice collaboration!


  9. Say it isn’t so, please. This is way too sad and it appears that haters keep on hating. But, they will always be haters, we have no control of their actions. It is their issue. I was hoping this new venue was going to bring you peace and a safer outlet. What happened, amigo?


  10. That was a powerful, TD. Do what you must to feel comfortable. I’ll always support you.


  11. They’re baaaack…..

    I love this and may ask permission to borrow it one day. You know, just in case….


  12. Swaaaeeeet. Then, you truly did not know said people. ; )


  13. Well said TD and Hasty. We support you in whatever you choose to do.


  14. Haters gonna hate.
    That does not define you.


  15. Awwww see…so much love TD. This is what blogging is…just you…just me…just all of us… We stop the hate/gossip/lies and standing up for ourselves (yourself) is not a hateful thing to do it is what one should do so that those that love you can gather around and drown out the voices that hurt you.


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    • This post came up as related post to the poem I just posted tonight. I imported this from my old blog, but I think I’m going to republish it tomorrow.

      I know why you quit writing duets, but I wish you’d duet (hehehehe) with me again. Me love you long time.


  16. As stated above – you guys are awesome. You write so wonderfully together.


  17. This poem kicked ass! Kicked the ass of all the assholes that spend precious time trying to bring people down, gossip, spread lies, believe the worst, bask in other’s pain, live lives of pettiness and hate.

    I really wish I didn’t care what people thought of me. And people like this, whoever it is you’re referring to, don’t deserve a second of our time. Easier said than done, of course.


    • Much easier said than done, but I’m getting there. The angrier I get about what they’ve done the easier it becomes.


  18. Could I offer you a collaboration on a concerted attack upon said villains, I’ve found there’s nothing quite so therapeutic as bullying bullies.

    In the meantime, have a coookiee.

    Peace man.

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  19. Kristi Campbell - findingninee // November 14, 2015 at 6:13 pm // Reply

    I love it! Reading the line about being cast in a role for which you didn’t audition – feeling like that big-time today. Three. THREE. That’s the number of hours I’ve spent on the phone with my step daughter and her mother today. xo


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