Originally posted on my old blog, 8/14/14. I used to write poetic duets with Hasty Words. Like, all the time. I miss those days…

Anyhow, this, I believe, is the last duet we co-wrote. I wanted to repost it here so it can be seen again because I really like this one.

fuck you stormtrooper
Written by HastyWords and Twindaddy

Not enough air here
In this place without control
Suffocating in darkness
As words crash around me
In a long thunderous roll

Like a raging typhoon
Rumors haphazardly swirl
Killing my character
They tear me apart
Into the fetal position I curl

People think what they want
Without rhyme or thought
Thick slicing tongues
Spin devilishly sordid tales
Using me as their main plot

I’ve been cast in a role
For which I didn’t audition
I am the antagonist
I am the catalyst of all evil
I am traitorous and have no inhibition

So without further ado
I deliver to you this final execution
A twist in the plot, a final farewell
And I do this now on my own accord
Without any whispers of permission

A bitter smile adorns my face
While I bid the ultimate adieu
With middle fingers high
My voice laced with stress
I deliver to my haters a giant “fuck you”