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That feeling when you’re starving
But eating makes you nauseous
The only things you can stomach
Leave you feeling unconscious
Coffee and liquor numb the feels
Fill the void gaping inside
Stifle the tears that always flow
Outside you live, but inside you’ve died

That feeling when you’re ready for sleep
But your demons have conquered the sandman
Your mind wanders while you stare at ceiling
Every thought lasts a lifespan
Despite the tears your eyes are dry
You revisit mistakes, lament every sin
Embrace eternal damnation
Welcome the devil within

That feeling when nothing matters
You know in your heart you should care
But can’t manage a single fuck to give
You wonder just why you’re here
You wonder how to go on
What purpose is there?
If you leaped from the ledge
Would anyone care?

Fatigue sets in, focus is narrow
The only thing on which you can dwell
Is that which is missing
That which plunged you into this hell
You medicate the demons
Placate their desire
The peace will be temporary
But will last ’til you expire