Saturday Randomness

It still happens. I imagine it will for some time. Maybe until I join her in the afterlife. But a song on my playlist came on and brought me back to her.

I remembered her. I mourned her again. Tears ran. I couldn’t breathe.
Yeah, yeah they did. Eventually the pain passed and I remembered her laugh and that brought a smile to my reddened face and a small sparkle to my bloodshot eyes.

I haven’t done much maintenance around here lately. In fact, it’s been years since I’ve done anything with this place other than publish an occasional post. This morning I updated my about page, as it was severely out of date. I also removed my blogroll, as most of the blogs on it no longer exist (yeah, I’ve been around here a while). Lastly, I updated my Published Bloggers page. Several books by blogging buddies have been released since I created the page in 2014, and it was also quite dated. Please check it out and maybe pick up an ebook (or real book if you’re old school) or two.

In a little over two weeks the twins will enjoy their 20th birthday. I am completely flabbergasted that I’ve sired humans that old. They are amazing young men, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Little C drives me insane. He’s got more energy than he knows what to do with. He is constantly bouncing off the walls, randomly changing topics, and narrating anything he’s doing. Sometimes I just want to run away. BUT…then he comes up to me randomly and gives me a hug and tells me he loves me, and my heart melts. And then the cycle resumes…

I’ve been writing. Reading my brother’s latest book inspired me to return to a novel I began writing 5 years ago. In the past couple of weeks I’ve written over 12,000 words. I’ve been writing on my computer. I’ve been writing on my phone. I’ve been writing on my iPad. Technology has made it easier than ever to write wherever I may be. I’ve been writing using yWriter, which is an amazing piece of novel writing software developed by an actual author, and helps you keep everything in your story organized. It is available on Windows/Mac for free, and on Android and iOS for $5. I’ve paid for both versions of the app because I have an iPad and my phone is Android. I’m not sorry I did, either.

Okay. I think I’m out of randomness now. Share some randomness with me. Tell me things. What have you been up to??

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9 Comments on Saturday Randomness

  1. The twins are going to be TWENTY?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!
    I remember when they were, like, a LOT younger! Wow. Guess I’ve been around here while too!
    Grief is tricky. It goes in spirals and you keep cycling back to bits of missing someone for as long as you live, but it’s far better to let it happen and roll with it than try to keep it all in.

    Random thing today – my Love and I painted a large picture frame for a gorgeous print we got from Brighton. We’re emulating the style of the guy who painted the original and also makes his own highly decorated, bonkers frames (imagine an acid neon glitter party and you’re halfway there), and got the base-coat done tonight with the frame balanced atop our laundry airer. So. There’s that.


  2. Finding Ninee // November 17, 2019 at 12:57 am // Reply

    Grief is so sneaky. It gets you at random times, in random places. I think of you, and hope you’re well-enough often. So much of what you’ve written has stuck with me, and I thank you for that. I’m now in therapy, again after way too long, and I so know what you mean about the cycle of kid hugs and then, well, not, and them again. I like your random.
    My random thing today- my dad is 81 and recently fell. He’s about an hour away now that we moved (back-ish – I grew up here but it’s new as far as living for my son and husband) to Colorado. He hurt his replaced knee and can’t get around well so we spent the day taking him to get groceries and all that, and doing dishes, and well, I guess I”m not sure when he should maybe be going to an assisted living facility. He doesn’t want to, and it’ll be more expensive than his paid-off-home… but he maybe needs people. I’m an hour away. It’s kinda a depressing thing, but I’m trying to see and remember how wonderful these moments are.


    • Hi Kristi! I wish I could’ve gotten my mom into assisted living. I truly believe she’d still be with us if she’d been able to have care, but it was decided that since she could dress and bathe herself without help that she was capable of caring for herself, too. She wasn’t. I knew she wasn’t. The social worker was sympathetic, but her hands were tied.


      I hope your dad is okay. I know he won’t want to go to a place like that, but it could be the best thing for him. He’ll be taken care of and meet new people. They normally have social events, too, to try to break the monotony.


  3. Oh my gosh I can’t believe the twins are going to be twenty… I totally know what you mean about blogs no longer existing too – most of the ones I used to follow stopped years ago. I’m glad to see that you’re popping in to say hello though!


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