Today is day 22 of both NaBloPoMo and my 30 Days & 30 Songs challenge. Today’s challenge is a song that someone has sung to you or a song that moves you forward.

Team CheerPeppers. We’re hot.

Ha! I’ve never been serenaded, so I guess I’m going hunting for a song that moves me forward.

I stand alone
Guess I knew it all along
Yes, I knew that you were wrong
How you left when I was down

Inside Out – FFDP

Inside Out by Five Finger Death Punch is a song about being abandoned by someone you love when you need them the most, but knowing you’ll be just fine alone. This song moves me forward because this same instance has happened to me more times than I can count, but I’m still here. I’m fine alone. I don’t hafta like it, but I can do it. This song and these lyrics help strengthen that resolve.

Audience Participation Time!
Tell me, friends, what song moves you forward? Or, at the very least, doesn’t move you backward?