Chasing rabbits down the hole

No eat me, drink me, just white pills I took

No bigger, no smaller, just surreal 

One pill was all, and I was hooked

Look around for the trail of pills

1,2,3, yellow, pink, blue I try them all

Fast, slow, up, down, no sweet nectar to find

Where’s the rabbit? Where’s the paradise that falls?

Follow quickly the trail of pills. 

White Rabbit, Stop! Pick up the pace

Just out of reach, almost touch

Two pills more and White Rabbit shall show me the place

I take a white pill and welcome the change

Warm stomach, tingling hands, lightheaded, release

Turning, turning circles; searching, searching for the white high

Stumbling around, searching for rabbit, the escape, the bringer of peace

Loping after Rabbit, edging closer to the sweetness

Burning in my veins, rushing, dancing through me

White pills push me on and down and down and on

Down I land, seeking Rabbit before he can flee 

Down the hall, around the corner, through the door

Stomping amongst the daisies, finding scattered pills left here

Left, right, left, right; oh, come on, Rabbit!

A flash! A bang! Loud shouting! “You’re late! You’re late!” I hear 

A smile is seen upon a deranged face

Bulging eyes and razor-like nails

Tick tock tick tock, he’s a clock 

Screaming, he grabs my hand, and we’re headed down the trail

Dragged along by the Malice Rabbit

Into the Forest of Unknown, we go

Winding and winding, through and through

Through the middle of this maze, will the end ever show

Clock ticking, heart racing, pounding towards unknown

Electrified touch, buzzing sensation, heady perfume

Mushy brain, red eyes, life force draining

Will has gone, need the white pill, slipping away into the gloom