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Last updated 8/14/2014.

The amount of blogs I follow has grown considerably in the past year. I used to keep my blog roll in the sidebar using the widget WordPress provides, but the list has grown so gargantuan that it can no longer be contained in the sidebar. You guys are just that awesome.

Collected here is a list of blogs I lurve. I mean, I follow hundreds of blogs, but these are the ones I especially heart, and you should to. I command you to check them all out! At your leisure, of course. I know you’re all busy.


46 Comments on Blog Roll

  1. That’s ok…not offended. 😭

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  2. Not offended either, lol

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  3. AH! 😀 *does the Monica Turkey Dance*


  4. I did as I was commanded! Too bad I didn’t make the cut.


  5. Wow, you keep digging that hole deeper and deeper…maybe you’ll make it to China one day!


  6. *doing the cabbage patch and bringing it down old school style* YESSSS! You’re on mine too. 🙂


  7. I made a list! I like being on this list. It might be my most favorite list ever. Now I am going to follow everyone you follow cause I am a follower…leading takes too much responsibility


  8. Here’s a guilt-free harrumph to you.
    I know, I know…my stuff gets blocked as porn…I’m sure you don’t want to pay *that* forward 😉


  9. I didn’t realize that I was supposed to be offended. Well, now I have just going to follow the lemmings!


  10. althoughyouarehighlyqualified // April 27, 2016 at 4:28 pm // Reply

    Interesting collection.


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