A Brave Farewell

April 22, 2016 // 25 Comments

I haven’t written regularly in ages. I haven’t had the urge. Even when I get an idea in my head for a post, a lack of motivation kills whatever ideas I may have [...]

Why I’m Angry

November 2, 2015 // 60 Comments

I knew all along that this ending was a likely probability. We’ve tried and failed so many times. I’m not sure I would say it wasn’t worth the try. I longed [...]

How I Fall

November 1, 2015 // 26 Comments

I get to a place Where life is good Everything’s going Just as it should I think to myself Another step forward Pick a new goal To inch closer toward Think, think, [...]

Every Day is Halloween

October 25, 2015 // 21 Comments

Every October 31st millions of us dress up in costumes, make-up, or masks and pretend to be someone or something else. Most of us think it’s fun to pretend to be [...]

In The Heat of the Moment

August 18, 2015 // 40 Comments

I first heard that quote (okay, I first read that quote) a couple of months ago. It was recited by Jaime Lee Curtis in an anti-bullying ad. Evidently, that phrase has been [...]

On the Outside/Inside

June 19, 2015 // 15 Comments

On the outside it might seem Like I couldn’t care less That I don’t give a damn That I’m unimpressed On the outside it might seem Like I’m lost in my thoughts [...]


June 8, 2015 // 62 Comments

You have probably already figured it out if you’ve been paying attention. You might be shaking your head. You might be wondering what the hell I’m thinking. You might be [...]

Bridge in Flames

November 19, 2014 // 16 Comments

Darkness has fallen Wan moonlight glow Landscape glistens Fresh-fallen snow A whiff of smoke Invades my nose I follow the scent Unsure where it goes The smell leads me To a [...]