Danger in Shadow


Night falls quickly, like a total eclipse
Like a lethal kiss, blown from death’s lips
The time has come to go on the prowl
I escape my lair and don my cowl

Like a wraith I glide through the night
My pale white skin a frightening sight
An insatiable thirst which I must appease
I lurk in the shadows with chilling expertise

I search the streets for those unsuspecting
To cross my path they sure aren’t expecting
Most are surprised to find my kind exist
And that it’s their blood on which I subsist

I select my prey with euphoric excitation
I salivate with barely contained anticipation
I zero in on my quarry and knock her aback
I flatten my mark with my brutal attack

My victim now lays prone on the ground
Unconscious, unmoving, not making a sound
A feral grin appears on my face
Here’s one more life I’m going to erase

My bloodthirsty fangs glisten in the moonlight
I press them to her neck and take a sweet bite
From four open wounds her blood freely flows
I drink it all in, my life it bestows

My life is replenished while hers fades away
This damned woman won’t see another day
I drink my fill, then go on my way
Leaving her body there to decay.



In a dank room lit by candle’s flare
The clerics gather to anoint this pair
The prophesied twins had been born
From mortal womb they had been torn
One boy, one girl, our race to lead
From human forms they shall be freed
Conceived and carried by impure flesh
But godly in their forms afresh
They drink the nectar from our veins
Wisdom, immortality are their gains
Baptized and cleansed in blood divine
An ancient ritual in hallowed shrine
Recited chant rebirths our gods
Restores our faith, destroys facades
Corpses burn over searing coals
While our overlords replace their souls

Inspired by this week’s poetry prompt at The Reverie.