• stormtrooper1

    Untitled, Because Nothing Fits Here

    Most people seem to have horror stories when it comes to their in-laws. I feel like the exception to the rule. While both of my marriages turned out to be more dysfunctional [...]
  • drowning trooper

    Runaway Train

    If we were having coffee you might raise an eyebrow at my SoCo and Coke. “I thought we were having coffee?” you might ask. To which I’d reply, “Coffee [...]
  • PhotoFunia-4182af3 (1)

    Make Mine an Irish

    If we were having coffee I’d take my steaming hot cup o’ joe and apply a liberal dose of Bailey’s. It’s been that kind of week. If we were having [...]
  • PhotoFunia-85e2bb_o (1)

    Survey says…WTF?

    Anyone remember MySpace? It was the first big social media website. At least, I think it was. It was the first one I was a member of. (Hehe, member <—Beavis and [...]
  • 994998_10203115164947144_610341529_n

    Can’t We All Just Get Along?

    Someone vastly wiser than I (which is a VERY large crowd) once said: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Or [...]
  • PhotoFunia-4182af3 (1)

    I’m Not Okay

    If we were having coffee I’d have to get a few things in order first. I’d have to grab my favorite hazelnut creamer and dump a generous helping into my steaming [...]
In the spotlight

Only Way Out

by Twindaddy in Poetry

Two of my very best blog friends recently co-founded an online poetry magazine with a third person I hope to get to know in the future. Their goal is to publish bi-annual [...]


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