• No One Else on Earth

    Many years ago I hosted a music challenge on my blog. One of the questions was, “What song most reminds you of your mother?” The answer was No One Else on Earth [...]
  • Why I Walk

    Originally published on 7-11-2014 I have a picture of one of Baby C’s uncles hanging in his room. A picture of a vibrant young man climbing the rocks of Red River Gorge [...]
  • Isn’t that what a doctor does?

    Editor’s Note: I have over three years worth of material from my old blog. I have decided to begin reposting some of that old material since most of my current audience [...]
  • Another Reason I Walk

    I was 20 years old when the twins’ mother and I began dating. Up to that point in time I had never been in a long-term relationship. I didn’t know how, [...]
  • My Medicine

    [Editor’s Note: I’ve actually been contemplating writing a post about this for quite some time and when I saw today’s prompt, I figured now is as good a [...]
  • Can You Keep A Secret?

    We all have secrets, right? Whether they’re our own or those of our closest confidantes. Some knowledge is just not fit for mass consumption. Some skeletons in our [...]
  • The Next Phase

    When I arrived at my ex’s house Monday evening to pick up the twins, my ex lumbered through the front door clutching a sheet of paper. I mentally braced myself for what [...]
  • Hey, cancer. You're terminated.

    Thyroid Cancer: My Journey Thus Far

    At this very moment last year, I was lying unconscious on an operating table, my neck opened wide as a surgeon evicted my thyroid and a few dozen lymph nodes from my body. [...]
  • Chinese Whispers

    I love watching family videos. I can sit for hours sifting through videos of my children and never tire of watching them. I didn’t own my first camcorder until the [...]
  • 2020 Things of Thankful

    ….I used to participate in a weekly challenge called 10 Things of Thankful. The idea was to find 10 things every week for which I was thankful. After a while it became [...]
  • 2020 Vision

    I remember the first time I watched Disney’s version of Alice in Wonderland and wondering when, if ever, Alice would reach the bottom of the rabbit hole. The agony of [...]
  • Cancerous Thoughts

    I sat in an uncomfortable chair in the ENT’s office after a long day at work. Between the everyday stress of working and raising my youngest son, I had the added weight [...]

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I Can Sleep Later

by Twindaddy in A Day in the Life

There used to be a time when I could sleep in. I could stay snuggled under my blankets until 10, 11, or even 12 o’clock. I could stay up into the wee hours of the morning [...]