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Last edited on 10/21/2022

What? You actually clicked on this link? Shit…I guess I should say something, no? Ugh, I don’t like talking about myself.

I’m a twice-divorced father of three (22-year-old twins and 11-year-old) boys whom I love incredibly much. When not working, I spend most of my time on my attention-hungry, ADHD 11-year-old son, who still wants me to watch every…single…thing…he…does.

I suffer from depression, a reality I finally acknowledged only ten years ago. Until that point I was in steadfast in my denial and refused to seek treatment until I was broken by my second divorce, of which my depression was largely the catalyst.

I call this little space Mental Defecation, because, quite literally, this is where my mind poops. Anything my mind needs to get rid of ends up in this virtual toilet bowl. I write poetry, fiction, editorials, anecdotes, or even philosophical pieces on life. One thing I’ve always been while writing is brutally honest – about myself, my feelings, and about events that have come to pass. I try to add a dash of humor to most of my pieces as humor in writing is something I value as a reader, hence the line “sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always genuine.”

I blog under the guise of a stormtrooper. When I first created my blog in 2010 and needed a gravatar, I just choose a random stormtrooper picture from my computer. Then it took on a life of its own and I embraced it.

I don’t blog quite so often these days, mostly because my job consumes much of my life. What little time is left is usually spent being a father or soaking in those few moments of calm life rarely provides.

Welcome to my virtual home. Please come in and don’t mind the cobwebs. And for God’s sake take off your shoes, you hoodlum! This place may be filthy, but it’s not uncivilized.

175 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey. What a great blog from what I’ve seen. Yay Blue and Lions. Am also a MI transplant. How long did you live there?

    I hope you keep your passion through the calm.

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    1. I was born there and lived there until I was 5. I moved back for a few months when I was in my early 20’s, but my ex-wife didn’t like it so we moved back out of state again. 😦


  2. It actually is pretty fun…most of the time.

    One of the twins dressed up as Obi-Wan Kenobi for Halloween when they actually dressed up for Halloween. I remember I went as Han Solo one year as a kid and Luke Skywalker on another.

    We all love Star Wars in my household. Well, except for my wife. She’s somewhat indifferent, but tolerates it. lol

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    1. That’s “stuph.” And you’re welcome. I keep hearing about Brother Jon everywhere I go and I finally got a link to your blog on Jen’s facebook page so I decided to check it out.


  3. I will never watch Pitch Perfect again and not think of you when I see the Star Wars bedroom!!

    I’m sure you can tell I love your sense of humor, it mirrors mine and it’s nice to find people to spar with. I too love the NFL and am a Chargers fan. I run a football pool during the regular season and we are heading into week 2 of the playoff pool. The regular season pool is pretty good – 65 people at $250.00 each….and I finally took first place this year!! (I’m typing this from my new laptop!!) I’m now going to get sharpener out so my wit is razor sharp the next time we meet!! πŸ™‚

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  4. I deeply apologize for making my first question to you being about twins. It is also my most hated question even though half my blog and 98% of my life is about my twins. Now that my first apology (of probably thousands, I am Canadian after all) is out of the way, can I try on your storm trooper hat? Or does that violate some sort of Star Wars code? I am new to the ways of the Star Wars.

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  5. TD,
    I read this bio a while back but just got around to contributing to the comment stream.
    Despite those things you said in the recent competition that seems to have fizzled, I like you. I like your blog. I like your sense of humor. I like the way you think.
    That is all.

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    1. LOL. Thanks, Red. I hope you know everything was said in jest. I like you and your blog, too. If neither of us, nor Denmother, win, I say we take her up on her offer to start La Resistance.


  6. What? Wait. Bengals-pity? Idunno, Tampa Bay has always been my team, even though I hail from the mighty state of N.Y. It’s a long story. Anyway, they were my team way before they won the one bowl. *snickering* and they will always be my team. I think it had something to do with hanging-out with Vietnam Vets, during my formative years. (snickering again.) I like cars, trucks, and motorcycles, too. I’m strange like that. It took me a while to make it to your blog. It was definitely worth the wait. Glad to hear the heavy is lifting a bit, for you and yours. Peace.

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  7. Twindaddy, my completely Unshitty bloggy pal, I promise you I have been working on a Star Wars post for you. Unfortunately I’ve been a bit sick over the weekend and worse today, but I wanted you to know that a post is coming, just not sure when. Soonest, I hope. Zinny

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  8. My favourite kinds of blogs are those written by people who actually have a talent for writing. And even though I’m not a Star Wars fan, and know nothing about all those sports you mentioned (Moto GP, anyone??), I am sold. Also, I think I’m babbling. Perhaps not incoherently but surely it counts.

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  9. I just went cross-eyed. Thanks for that. I need to go finish my cereal so I can get the secret decoder so I can try to figure out what you just said.

    Wait a minute….I see what you did there. THANKS!


  10. Just started blogging recently and am enjoying stumbling around the blogosphere and happening across great stuff like this. I’ll be back for some inspiration a bit later. REDdog

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  11. Question: did the twins knock you down it took that many years to have a 3rd? All 3 of my kiddos are close in age. The oldest less than 4 when 3rd was born… Just curious. First two were day short of 18 months and when 3rd was born I can’t remember much… So busy! Twins are cool! My grandpa was a twin.

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  12. The only baseball game I’ve ever been to was to watch the Tigers in Detroit in the summer of 1990. I was 16 and spending a summer working on a friend’s farm just outside Grass Lake. Not that remarkable, I hear you say. Except I was a 16-year old from rural Ireland and the child of hippies – how the hell did I end up in the Godforsaken midwest of the US of A?

    I actually enjoyed myself immensely and will always have a fondness for Michigan, Detroit, Grass Lake and of course, Ann Arbor. I now feel obliged, out of undiluted sentimentality, to follow your blog.

    Great stuph.


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    1. Lol, thanks??

      Detroit has it’s ups and downs but I have family and fond memories there. I was lucky enough to catch a game at Tiger Stadium once, too

      Thanks for the follow!


  13. Love your stuph! I’m a fairly new blogger and hopped over here to see who/what my friends read. So glad I did!
    Your “about” page had me belly laughing and playing right along. I love all things football (High School/NCAA/NFL in that order) and my kiddos–not twins, but way too old to be called Baby Girl A (19) and Baby Boy B (14)–though, I still do sometimes just cuz I want to.
    I look forward to reading more TwinDaddy!!

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  14. I have read your comments on a number of others’ blogs so I had to finally come over here and check out the source. Looking forward to checking out your posts here – saw one in which you mention not watching TV so I’m really intrigued. We are a non-TV watching family here, so it’s nice to find others in that camp!

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  15. Genuine is a rare quality, and I suffer from depression, too.

    I am leaving this comment on your about page because we have a few mutual friends and I am hoping to strike up a conversation πŸ™‚

    I run a pretty sweet pop culture blog and hang out on the internet with some cool bloggers, a couple of whom thing highly of you. Could give you the longer version and tell you how my sister and myself have set up a small but very engaged network over the past year, but I will not. This is like the elevator pitch.

    Awesome blog, dude!

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      1. Hey Scott! No problem. Lots of my friends were mostly offline for the holidays, and I have bouts at the job that keep me mostly off the commenting side for a week or two at a time sometimes.

        Look for forward to seeing what you come up with when you do get back in the swing!

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      1. Just glad you’re back, man, take your time easing into it. I think it’s great that you’re confronting things, but from a totally selfish standpoint, I don’t think the blogosphere was the same without you around and I’m glad you’ve returned. Cheers, man.

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  16. The awesome Star Wars imagery grabbed me right away! I too refuse to blog about any one specific topic, but simply ramble on about whatever pops into my head! I’m looking forward to checking out some of your stuff!

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