I Couldn’t Resist

You all know I love to answer questions even though I don’t like to talk. It’s a paradox I’ve yet to comprehend. Anyhow, I’ve stumbled across 116 more questions to answer and despite my best efforts to resist this post started itself and now my fingers are dancing across the keyboard as if independent from my mind. So I’m giving in and going 116 deep…

1. Are you hot?
It’s pretty cool in the house right now. I was a little chilly a few minutes ago, but I made myself a cup of coffeh because I was falling asleep and now I’m a bit warm. And still tired.

2. Are you rich?
Not financially, no. BUT…I have all I need between my brother, parents, and children. 

3. Are you in love?
No. I’ve learned never to say never, but it’s hard for me to picture ever having those feelings again.

4. Do you like coffee?
Holy shit, yes. I may be addicted to it. 

5. Your dream vacation?
My dream is to have enough money to be able to actually afford a vacation. 

6. Who do you truly love?
My parents. My brothers. More than anyone, though, my children.

7. Last movie you watched?
Like the first 15 minutes of Get Him to the Greek. I kinda passed out…

8. What sport do you play?
I don’t play anything regularly, but I’m fairly competent at basketball, football, and soccer. 

9. What are you eating right now?

10. How is your best friend?
He’s fine, thanks for asking. 

11. What novels do you read?
I’m currently on book 8 of the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. I like other types of novels, though, such as mystery, spy, historical fiction, and, of course, Star Wars. 

12. What is your favourite pet?
My kids. WHAT??? Let’s be honest, having a pet and having children aren’t all that dissimilar. 

13. Where is your best friend?
His sister-in-law’s wedding.

14. What TV shows do you like?
As far as shows currently on the air, I’m into the DC shows on the CW: Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, etc. I also like the Marvel shows on Netflix. Oh, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It has all the funny.

15. What are you watching now?
Letters magically appear on my screen every time one of my fingers steps on a key.

16. What do you put on to bed?
Sheets and then myself. And a few pillows. Lots of pillows, actually. 

17. What’s the name of your pet?
I don’t have one right now. It’s not an expense I can afford right now.

18. What is the size of your bed?
I don’t feel like this is relevant. Size shouldn’t matter!

19. What are you listening to now?
This kickass rock Adele cover. I like it a lot more than is probably healthy. 

20. What is your favourite subject?
I didn’t particularly care for any subjects in school, but math was my favorite simply because it came so easily to me. 

21. Worst injury you ever had?
Losing the tip of my left ring finger. 

22. What were you doing 3 hours ago?
Eating lunch. NOM.

23. Are you wearing pants right now?
Well, yeah. What kinda creeper you take me for?

24. What are your plans for tonight?
Probably going to bed early since I’m still exhausted even after another cup of coffeh. Be jealous, bitches.

25. When do you usually go to sleep?
When I’m tired. Duh.

26. When did you last go on vacation?
Like 5 years ago to Gatlinburg. What a boring place that is. 

27. When did you last go for shopping?
I went to the grocery store last Monday. Exciting, no?

28. Have you watched any movies this week?
Nope. Didn’t have the time.

29. Do you miss anyone or anything right now?
Just my kiddos. 

30. Who was the last person you chatted with on Facebook?
No clue. I don’t usually chat on FB. I normally text anyone I need to talk to.

31. Wet your bed?
I’m sure I did when I was a child.

32. Beer or wine?
They’re both nasty. 

33. Are you drunk?
Not for two months, which is kind of a record for me these last few years.

34. Feeling sleepy?
YES. I don’t get it. I slept pretty good last night.

35. Are you a flirt?
Yeah, which is weird considering how introverted I am.

36. Talk to animals?
Well, yeah, when I see them.

37. Are you hungry 24/7?
Is anyone truly perpetually hungry? I don’t think that’s possible. 

38. Do you cry in public?
No. I don’t like attention so if I ever become overwhelmed in public I find some place to hide while my feelings drip out of me.  

39. Are you always happy?
I’m rarely happy, to be honest. I’m not always sad, either. Mostly, I just am. 

40. Do you have a stalker?
That’s the last fucking thing I need.

41. Can you fart in public?
Well, sure. We all can. I don’t, though, cause rude. And embarrassing.

42. Ever peed in the woods?
Well, yeah. Anyone who’s been in the woods has. 

43. Are you always impatient?
Yes, why did you take so long to get that question out??? 

44. Do you cry at sad movies?
Rarely. Sometimes, though, the feels gut-check me. 

45. Would you marry a celebrity?
The only way I’ll get married again is if I find a sugar momma who doesn’t make me sign a prenup. Fuck marriage.

46. Are you a drama queen?
No. I try to avoid drama at all costs.  

47. Do you dance or sing in the car?
I don’t dance anywhere, but I definitely bust out some lyrics in the car. I’m a road trip rock star.

48. Ever stolen a street sign?
No, but I’ve stolen the light off of a construction barrel. I couldn’t help it. It’s perfectly timed flashes beckoned me.

49. Do you sing or dance in the shower?
Again, I don’t dance anywhere, but I’ll belt out some lyrics in the shower. I’m a shower time show stopper.

50. Have you ever forgotten your birthday?
Does that happen to people? You know what’s messed up is that if I ever have to write the date on my birthday I almost ALWAYS write my birth year instead of the actual year. Muscle memory, I guess, but man it’s annoying.

51. Do you ask or answer stupid questions?
Well clearly I’m answering them right now, so yes. 

52. How long can you stay without bathing?
This is weird, but very true. If I don’t have a shower within two hours of waking up in the morning I start to get a headache. I can’t explain it, but not complaining because it keeps me clean.

53. Would you give all your money to charity?
Not all of it, no. I still have bills to pay.

54. Do you enjoy watching cartoons or anime?
I don’t do anime, but I do enjoy cartoons like Animaniacs and the old school Disney cartoons. I like most Disney animated movies, too. 


55. Have you ever laughed at the wrong moment?
Absolutely. It kinda goes with the territory when you have a warped sense of humor like mine.

56. All places you have piercings on your body?
The only thing I’ve ever had pierced is my heart. 

57. Can you spend all your money on something stupid?
Again, I don’t typically say never, but I can’t see myself ever doing that.

58. Would you drop your phone after you just bought it?
Well, not on purpose, but that would be my luck.

59. Do you always smile for the camera when taking pictures?
Not always. Depends on my mood. Frankly, I try to avoid being in pictures if at all possible. I don’t want to see me so I doubt anyone else does.

60. What did you dress up for Halloween when you were a kid?
I was Han Solo one year. Luke Skywalker another. Pretty sure I was Spiderman once. The last time I dressed up as a kid I was a zombie with brains popping out of my forehead. BRAAAAAAAAAAAIIIINNNSSSSSSSS.

61. Are you lazy?
Unfortunately, yes. My body is often devoid of energy.

62. Favourite movie?
Any Star Wars movie. Except for Attack of the Clones. 

63. Are you dating?
Ha! No. Not interested in that game. 



64. Are you married?
No. Been there, done that. Went back again. Came back. Not a journey I’m interested in again. 

65. Favourite scents?
Freshly made buffalo chicken. Peanut butter. Coffeh.

66. How old are you?
An even 4 decades.

67. Are you in debt?
Deep. I hate money. 

68. Do you have kids?
Yes, they are what keeps me going. 

69. Summer or winter?
Winter. I hate being hot and love snow. You just can’t make a ball out of sunshine and throw it at somebody.

70. Do you use drugs?
Prescription only. Unless you consider alcohol a drug, but I haven’t had a drink in two months now. 

71. Where were you born?
Motor City, bitches.

72. Ever fallen in love?
Yup. One of the dumbest things I’ve ever done three times.

73. What’s your religion?
I was raised Catholic, but I lean agnostic now. Hypocrisy is a huge turn off to me.

74. Do you have siblings?
Two younger brothers. Also two step-brothers and a step-sister. And a pretty kickass sister-in-law. 

75. How much do you earn?
Not enough to get me out of debt. 

76. When did you last cry?
At my mother-in-law’s funeral. RIP sweet lady. 

77. What’s your eye colour?
I’ve been saying blue my entire life because that’s what color it was growing up, but I think it’s hazel now. Not for sure because I don’t really look myself in the eye. I should probably do that.

78. What are your hobbies?
Not anything exciting. I read and occasionally play a video game. Other than that I’m a daddy. That’s my life.

79. Computer or television?
Geek here. Computer. 

80. Do you like joking a lot?
I can turn almost anything into an inappropriate punchline. 

81. Are you named after anyone?
My middle name is my father’s. 

82. Do you want to get married?

83. What do people like you for?
Hell if I know. Seriously. Not a clue.

84. Do you have special talents?
Probably. Don’t know what they are, though.

85. What is your favourite cereal?
Reese’s. Wish they actually were a part of a complete breakfast.

86. What are your plans for the future?
To hopefully make it not suck.

87. How long can you stick in a relationship?
Well, I stayed in a pretty abusive relationship for 10 years so I’d say I can tolerate quite a bit. Although I doubt I’d ever let myself be treated like that again. 

88. What do you want to do when you grow up?
Be a kid. Being grown up fucking blows.

89. What is the first thing you instantly notice about people?
Depends on which side of them I see first. 😉

90. How many people have you slept with over the past month?
0. Like I said, I’m avoiding entanglements right now.

91. Does love equal to sex?
Nope. Love enhances sex.

92. Do you think you are old-fashioned?
Nope. I lean left on most social issues.  

93. Love with heartbreaks or no love at all?
No love at all. I mean, being in love is great and all, but that high is nothing compared to the low of having a broken heart.

94. Which one do you prefer? Trust or love?
I find it difficult to have one without the other, so I can’t really pick just one. Give me both or give me nothing.

95. Would you save the life of a homeless person? Why/why not?
If I could, yeah. Why wouldn’t I? They’re no less important than any other person.  

96. If you could wish anything or do anything, what would it be?
I’d probably wish for financial security. I don’t need to be rich, but having to decide on a monthly basis which bills won’t get paid is getting old and wearing me the fuck out. 

97. Are you the type of friend you would like to have as a friend?
I don’t know. I’d like to think I am. I’m pretty loyal, but I’m also more of a loaner and can be emotionally erratic at times. Blah.

98. Is money the real source of happiness? What makes you happy?
After 40 years I still have no fucking clue. I don’t have time to figure that out right now, though.

99. Are you always nice to people and do you expect something in return?
I try to be. The only thing I expect is kindness in return. 

100. Would you prefer to be hurt by someone you love most or by someone you trust most?
I’d prefer not to be hurt at all, really. I’ve been hurt enough. Would rather not ride that roller coaster again.

101. What is probably the hardest thing to lose in your case? Why is it hard to give up?
That would be any of my children. Hopefully the reason is obvious.

102. Remember the last time you were furious. What made you that angry?
I honestly can’t remember the last time I was furious. I know I’ve been furious before, but I just can’t recall it happening recently.

103. Imagine you are alone at home, lonely and bored. Who would you like/wish to be together with?
I AM alone at home, lonely and bored, so I don’t have to imagine it. I’d like/wish to be with any one of my children. Or maybe my brother. But as tired as I am right now I’m not going to head over there because I’d probably just pass out on his couch.

104. Apart from romantic love, when did you last tell someone that you loved them? What did they mean to you?
This morning after Baby C’s soccer game. I gave him a huge hug, told him I love him, and to have a good weekend with mommy. In case you’re wondering, being a part-time parent fucking blows.

105. If there is one time or one moment in the last year or month, that you would change, what moment would it be? Why?
I would probably quit drinking and going to the weight loss clinic a lot sooner than I did. The reason why is obvious, I hope.

106. If you are to give your money to charity, who will you donate it to? Homeless people organisation or a children’s home?
Neither. I have given, and will again, to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Suicide has been an unfortunate part of my life since I was 20 years old. As a person with a mental health diagnosis I think it’s important to research and understand mental health so it can be managed easier by those affected and those who love those affected. 

107. You are to save your family member or your lover from drowning in an ocean. Who do you leave to drown and why?
I don’t leave anyone to drown. I try to save them both or I go down with them.

108. When did you last honestly reveal your feelings to someone else no matter how hard it was to tell them?
Three years ago. Been a recluse ever since. 

109. What is the hardest/most difficult thing you’ve revealed to someone you have been in love with? e.g. you love them, or you don’t love them as they do?
The hardest thing? Telling someone I loved wholly but couldn’t be with because of incompatible circumstances (kids and location) that I had to remove myself from her because the situation was killing me.  

110. What is harder for you, facing someone when telling him/her the way you feel, or facing someone when he/she is telling you the way they feel?
I find it hard facing anyone in any serious situation. I’m socially awkward. 

111. Your best friend just confessed to having feelings for you and wants to be more than usual friends. He/she loves you. What will you do or say?
So, my best friend is my brother and if he said that I’d slap him and tell him that Kentucky is not the best place to say, “When in Rome…”

112. Picture the last dead person you know. You have a chance to bring them back to life for an hour, but you lose 1 year of your life. Will you do it?
Absolutely. I’d give more than one year of my life so that Baby C could have his grannie back for any amount of time. That was one amazing woman.

113. You are in an emergency situation, for example, a burning building. You have a chance to make a single phone call. Who will you call? What will you tell them?
This answer should be the same for everyone. We should be calling 911 and telling them exactly what the emergency is. Tricky question didn’t trick me.

114. You receive news from your doctor that your condition is worsening and you only have one week to live. Will you reveal to anyone or everyone that you are about to die? What will you do in your last days? Will you be afraid?
I would tell my family and I’d spend every possible moment with them in that week. And of course I’d be afraid. I’d worry about how my kids would fair. Would they be okay emotionally? Would they be okay without my guidance? Would they handle loss better than their father did? 

115. When heading to work, you encounter a situation that you need to help out. For instance, a cat is stuck up a tree. Your boss has threatened to fire you if you get to work late again. Do you save the cat or save your job?
Well, in that particular situation I’d save my job. A cat stuck in a tree is hardly a deadly situation for the cat. Cat’s can survive falls of several stories. 

116. Your boss wants to sack your coworker due to work shortage and he/she just got the job recently. You have been working there much longer. But with a large family to support, your coworker has no other source of income. Will you approach your boss and request to quit the job?

I don’t have that luxury. I have a family to support, too, so while I’d feel horrible for said coworker I couldn’t take the bullet for him/her in that situation because I have to feed my kids, too. 

Whoa, those questions at the end were pretty deep. Wow.

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  1. Stealing this! It’s been years since I did this kinda post. Memoriiies….


  2. I like you cos you’re real, you’re funny, you’re loyal, you have great priorities, you’re caring, you’re kind, you have good integrity, you value hard work and commitment, you’re determined, you’re not afraid to show up and make an effort, and cos you’re doing your utmost to be the best dad you can to your boys. Now you know.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That is some dedication!


  4. Nice. I’m not much of a fan of the singing Disney movies, but The Emperor’s New Groove has no singing and it’s so funny I couldn’t help but love it. Up until now it has been my favorite of theirs, but then I saw Moana and it might be my new favorite. Singing and all.


  5. I got hosed. I knew almost all of those answers already…


  6. Finding Ninee // September 15, 2017 at 8:57 pm // Reply

    I swear I commented last night… or recently… did it not come through? ARGH.


  7. Ummmm. I feel like I need to steal these questions… it would be funny.


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