The people that you meet

[Editor’s Note:  This is but the first in what will apparently be a plethora of guest posts on this here weblog.  Today’s guest is Polysyllabic Profundities (WP just tried to correct that to profanities.  It knows you so well).  If you just successfully pronounced that without your tongue ending up in a fucking knot, then you are a cunning linguist *insert juvenile chuckle here*.  Please remember to check out her blog once you’ve finished reading here.   You won’t be sorry you did.]

I’d never thought of doing a guest post before, but Twindaddy has made the idea thrive in the forefront of my convoluted brain.  Ah, the power of the armor!

Being a member of the blogging community has opened a whole new world for me.  It has given me the freedom to share my thoughts and creativity and it has drawn me into a world of like-minded people.  It has introduced me to writers who truly inspire me with their talent and humor and it has allowed me to start some new friendships throughout the blogosphere.

I find something compelling in all of the blogs I follow and each day I am presented with genuine emotion, poetry, quick wit and sarcasm with a few well placed expletives for good measure.  But more importantly, the underlying string that weaves me into the web of these people is the passion they have for what they write and how they express that passion.  Everyone has a unique way of presenting their thoughts and I find myself wishing at times that my writing  had the flexibility and raw humor that they convey on a daily basis.  Although my writing style is quite different from the growing list of my favorite blogs, I, like them, find my own way to express what is going through my head at the time.  It may be poetic, it may be a rant or it may be wildly descriptive, but in each of those ways I am able to connect with people who share my thoughts.

Bloggers share a piece of themselves every time they hit that ‘publish’ button.  They let people into their lives and their minds and sometimes they bare their souls.  They allow people to delve into the recess of their heart or they invite them behind that warped door into their sense of humor.  It is somewhat humbling having these same bloggers follow my journey and leave inspiring and thought-provoking comments that fuel my desire to continue.

I have truly come to embrace these people and I feel comfortable in this space.  It is a community of support, not only in writing, but in our lives as well.  And inviting other people into a truly personal space to have them share their words in your forum is a great example of showing that support.  Thanks Daddy!  You are a truly gifted writer, and under that hard outer shell of armor you really are a sweet guy.


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46 Comments on The people that you meet

  1. Why thank you, Susan! I don’t know what I did to fool you so badly into thinking I’m a sweet guy, but here’s hoping I can keep up the illusion.


  2. Reblogged this on cftc10.


  3. Polysyllabic,
    Wonderful sentiments in here. I really like your style.
    I have received your most generous invite. I hover over the accept button while I muck around in my head for a worthy post. Does the “accept” expire? I am hoping to be able to produce something after the huge Valentine’s Day like-in event that requires careful planning. I hope you wear your suit to the party. Polysyllabic, you’re most definitely invited.


  4. Reblogged this on polysyllabic profundities and commented:
    I got to Guest Post on StuphBlog today. You should check out his Unshitiness if you haven’t already!


  5. Well said, Susan.
    It’s funny, most of the bloggers I regularly hang out with have expressed the same sentiments in one way or another.
    A universal truth perhaps?


  6. We truly appreciate your sharing. I can really relate since when i started my blog and published my first post I had major fear of rejection. It faded quickly since it turned out that everyone here is pretty nice and I have yet to receive hurtful words.


  7. Well written Poly.
    This is a nice community and Twindaddy is helping to bring it together.


  8. Another winning guest post! Great work!


  9. This is so nice! What a good feeling, an honor to be mentioned this way. One of my favorite, and most gifted and talented writers I’ve ever met does this on her blog. I have read poly profundities, and it’s a fantastic blog! I need to jump on the following list over there! ~Jen


  10. I’m late to this party, Poly. But I heartily agree with all that you’ve said. Even the nice stuff you wrote about TwinDaddy.

    Blogging is a wonderful way to let out your inner-most feelings/snark/embarrassments/dreams. You are somewhat anonymous, but can develop a persona that people react to. And there is no medium I’ve ever used that has brought me so many soulmates from so many different lands.

    Great guest post!


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