For the past six months, Baby C has been obsessed with the Cars movies. He asks to watch them on a daily basis. You’d think he would tire of them after a while. You’d be wrong. Don’t worry, it won’t be the last time.

I relent to his persistent requests to watch Cars solely because it’s much better than watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Elmo. So we watch Cars. Baby C faces a tough decision each time he decides he wants to watch Cars. Do we watch the first one or the second one?

Last weekend, in a desperate effort to break up the monotony, I suggested a new movie when Baby C began clamoring for Cars. I grabbed Finding Nemo from the shelf and asked, “Do you want to see fish?”

“Okay!” he enthusiastically answered.

I popped the disc into the DVD player and we watched the movie. And now he’s hooked.

You’ve moved on to another movie? But this is Lightening McQueen we’re talking about here. (image via

Baby C finds Nemo every time Nemo is on the screen. “Look! There’s Nemo! Oh, look! There’s Nemo!” He has taken the title of the movie very seriously, and Nemo never escapes his observant gaze.

Baby C also finds Dori. He shouts every time she comes on the screen, as well. “Oh, look! It’s Dori! It’s Dori, Daddy!”

“Yes, baby, that’s Dori.”

Baby C actually sits down and watches this movie where as he will only watch certain parts of Cars, probably because he’s memorized the entire movie (I know I have). For the last couple of months, my instant message alert on my phone has been “Sharkbait, hoo ha ha!” so when that part of the movie comes on he tries to mimic it. He’s got the “Sharkbait” part down, but he is still working on the “hoo ha ha” part. His favorite part of the movie, as far as I can tell, is when Dori speaks whale. Baby C gets mere inches from the TV screen every time this scene plays.

As you can see, this is quite hilarious and the hilarity has not yet lost its grip on Baby C. He still chortles every time he sees it, which, in turn, makes me chortle because his chortle makes me chortle. So there is much chortling going on during this scene.

Baby C also gets excited about the sea turtles. When Crush and the rest of the turtles come into the movie he points to the screen and let’s everyone within earshot know that he sees them. “It’s a turtle! Look!”

Crush, the 150 year old sea turtle who mysteriously sounds like Cody from Step By Step (image via

I’m sure this obsession will last only a few months until he moves on to another. I’m also sure that I’ll be sick of this movie in another week or two. On the bright side, however, any day I don’t have to hear the phrase, “Mater‘s fittin’ to get funky!” is a good day.