There’s a phenomenon which occurs every 7 days. Like clockwork. Without fail. It just…keeps…happening. I’m referring to Saturday, of course. That means it’s time for Saturday 9, brought to you by Crazy Sam.

Well, there’s no sense in avoiding the inevitable. Let’s get right to the questions, shall we?

1) This upbeat song is from a CD called The Bright Side. What is brightening your world this fine Saturday?

Well, I’m cheating and answering these questions early. Today is actually Friday. BUT! Today is payday, so that’s cool even though most of it will be gone just as quickly as it appeared. This is my weekend with my boys, so that’s good, too. I’m drinking some coffeh, which is bad ass. And, um, that’s all I got right now because I’m at work.

2) Our featured artist Meiko sings, “You are the one I can see having fun with …”. When is the last time you laughed hard? Who were you with? 

Actually, the last time I laughed hard was Thursday night. Baby C was jumping on my bed, imploring me to “get him.” As I lay there, he exclaimed, “Come on, Daddy! You can do it!” EDIT: Just this morning after we woke up (entirely too early, I might add), Baby C ran to the back door as I was preparing to let the dog out and exclaimed, “There’s outside! I found it!”

3) She also sings, “I must confess when I wear this dress I feel like dancing …”. Does your mood have an impact on what you wear? 

No, but sometimes what I wear can have an impact on my mood. If I ever have to dress up for any reason, it sours my mood because I find dress clothes entirely too uncomfortable and irritating.

We hates them, my precious!

4) In this video, she accidentally drops one of her meatballs on the floor. Do you believe in “the five second rule,” which states that if food has been on the floor less than five seconds it’s still OK to eat? Or, after it hits the floor, is the next stop always the garbage? 

No, the five-second rule never applies. Once it hits the floor it’s no longer food. RIP, dearest meatball. We hardly knew ye.

5) Despite her exotic-sounding name, Meiko was born in Atlanta, home of the Braves. Do you plan on going to the ballpark this season?

I don’t plan on going to any games, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. Sometimes my dad gets tickets to the Reds and we almost always go to one or two Florence Freedom games during the summer.

6) Meiko recently posted a photo of herself in DisneyLand posing with Goofy. Who took the most recent photo of you? What were you doing?

Um, I can’t even remember the last time I had my picture taken. I’m not incredibly fond of my physical appearance so I don’t allow it to happen very often. And actually, I just remembered. It was at the zoo when I, Superbitch, and all three boys went about a month or so ago. 

 7)  Are you stubborn? 

Ermahgerd, you have no idea. I am impossibly stubborn. Hard-headed to a fault. I’m getting better about it, though. 

8) Let’s visit your bathroom: What color is your toothbrush?

Soooooo, that’s not odd at all. Do you ask all the boys if you can visit their bathroom? I see you wear the moniker “Crazy Sam” quite well. If you simply must know, my toothbrush is white and blue. And, no, you can’t use it. Don’t be gross.

9) Which would we find: bar soap or liquid soap? 

Liquid. Bar soap is a pain in the ass and gets soap scum everywhere. Plus it slips outta your hands and then you gotta, you know, bend over and pick it up. Just no.

Interrogation over! Would you like to answer these intrusive questions? Head on over to Saturday 9 and link up with us! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, bitches!