Hello, friends! It’s that very special time when I take a piece of my little world and plaster it all over the internet for public consumption.

Thanks again to Lady Di for hosting this event!

 As a kid, did you have roller skates, a go-kart, or a push bike?

If by push bike you mean just a typical bike with pedals, brakes, and a raging sense of excitement and freedom, then yes, I had a push bike and rode it everywhere. I rode it to friends’ houses, around the neighborhood, and off-road. I performed some stunts on my bike I probably shouldn’t have.

 Also, did you belong to a gang or just hang out with your friends?

Lol, there were no gangs in the suburbs I lived in. At least, not that I know of. I just hung out with friends and did, ya know, kid stuff.

What is the best present, birthday or otherwise, you can remember as a child?

Uh…I have no clue. The only specific present I remember opening is a globe. The reason I remember that is because it was such a large present I thought for sure something amazing was in there. But no, it was a globe. I was all…

If a friend stayed over, did you have a midnight feast, or did you go to bed and sleep?

Neither. Usually stayed up and either watched movies or played video games. Or board games.

What gives your day a kick start?

This is what brings me to life in the mornings.