It’s Saturday! Yay! It means that I got to sleep in this morning! I hope…

It also means it’s time for the Saturday 9, hosted by Sam. This week’s questions are inspired by The Beatles.. Well, I suppose I should stop stalling and get to the questions, eh?

1) In this song, Beatle Paul offers to buy his girl a diamond ring. Do you wear rings?

No. I’ve only worn rings twice in my life…both rings were wedding rings. That didn’t work out well either time so I now wonder if rings are somehow evil. An incarnation of the devil, perhaps.

2) This song was written by boyhood friends John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who went on to become the most successful songwriters of the 20th century. Tell us about your best friend from “the old neighborhood.” Do you know where he or she is today?

Hell, I don’t know. I moved so many times as a child that there are too many neighborhoods and best friends to choose from. Sadly, I don’t know where any of those friends are today because I moved and lost contact with them. Too bad Facebook wasn’t around back then.

3) The Ed Sullivan Theater, where the Beatles first performed to a mass American audience, is now the home of The Late Show with David Letterman. Do you have a favorite late night talk show?

I don’t normally watch late night TV, but if I do it’s Letterman. Though I saw yesterday that he just announced his retirement. Sadz… Oh, I like Conan, too. He’s pretty funny.

4) In 1964, when this song became #1, one of top TV shows was My Favorite Martian. Do you believe in life on other planets?

I believe that in some galaxy, on some planet, life exists. The universe is too massive for us to be the only ones.

5) In those days, homes had rotary dial phones, often affixed to the wall, with the receiver always tethered by a curly cord. Does your home still have a landline phone?

Ha! No. I haven’t had a landline in over 10 years. It didn’t seem prudent to pay for both a cell phone and a landline so I cut the landline.

6) 1964 was the year GI Joe first appeared on toy shelves. Tell us about one of your favorite childhood toys.

There are so many. GI Joe was one of them. As were Voltron, Transformers, WWF, Thundercats, He-Man, and, of course, Star Wars.

7) Ringo was the first Beatle to become a grandfather. His granddaughter, Tatia, is now a rock musician. If you were to follow your grandfather into his chosen profession, what would you be doing now?

Well, I’d either be a camera repairman or bread delivery man.

8) Paul McCartney admits he enjoys watching MasterChef. What show do you go out of your way to catch?

None. I don’t watch TV at all. I do watch NFL football when it’s in season, but sometimes I don’t even do that any more. My TV comes on to entertain my children mostly. I do sometimes watch movies and occasionally play Xbox, but other than that I don’t mess with my TV.

9) The paparazzi has often caught Paul pedaling a bike around Martha’s Vineyard. What’s your favorite form of exercise?

Is drinking coffeh considered an exercise?? No? I guess playing sports. Either basketball or football with the twins. I do go for walks, but that’s not really all the fun.

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