Almost there! Today is day 29 of both NaBloPoMo and my 30 Days & 30 Songs challenge. Today’s challenge is a song you remember from your childhood or a prompt from an earlier day you wanted to do but chose the other.

Team CheerPeppers. We’re hot.

I’m not feeling music from my childhood today, so I scrolled through my epic playlist for a song from the 70s, a challenge from Day 13 I did not choose.

I’m going to cheat today (my challenge, my rules!) and post 2 songs from the 70s, and they both involve memories of my children.

When Baby C was about a year and a half old, I had my Pandora music blaring when Fat-bottomed Girls by Queen came on. My little man stopped what he was doing and, at the tender age of 1, dropped it like it was fucking hot. Coincidentally, that is one of my favorite Queen songs.

Some morning later that year, I loaded the twins into the car to take them to school. Fortuitously, the first song that played on the car stereo was Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry. Despite the early morning hour, I cranked up the volume, and the twins and I proceeded to get funky.

Audience Participation Time!
Tell me, friends, do you like any 70s music? What oldie makes you shake your groove thang?